Empire State of Mind.

Yes.  I am referring to the Jay-Z & Alicia Keys masterpiece.
My uncle has season tickets to LSU every year.  As a family, we pick one game a season we would all like to go to Baton Rouge for!

When we go, we do the whole tailgating thing....loud music, booz, cajun food, and lots of tiger chanting!  This past year, we were all gathered under my uncle's tailgating tent barely able to socialize b/c the music was bumping so loud and we are all just dancin' and singin' along!
That's me in the middle w/ the purple hat & the #1 sign!!
All of a sudden, Empire State of Mind comes on.  Then, my uncle begins to rap the ENTIRE song!  Just sitting in a chair, laid back, rapping Jay-Z.  Not even kidding.  We were all completely blown away with our jaws on the ground!  Let me explain something about my uncle.  I can sum it up in about 3 words.  Conservative, conservative, and conservative!!!!  So you can imagine how shocked we all were to see this!  Apparently, my 21 year old cousin bet his dad he could never learn the words to this song.  So, he did just that!  He learned each and EVERY word!   That was September 2010.

November 2010, Sean proposed to me!  Immediately, we all told my uncle he HAD to perform at our wedding! He agreed as long as I would chime in for the Alicia parts :)  This moment, hands down, was the highlight of our wedding reception.  EVERYONE got out of their seats to come on stage to cheer him on!  It was AWESOME!  See for yourself!!!  Thanks Uncle Jim for putting on a show!


Adam said...

Even if we look a little goofy, It's things like this that give our family character. I think The Huckstables (sp) would be proud of us for bringing flavor back to the family gatherings. Jim rocked this and you're right, a memory I don't think any of us will ever forget. Just awesome.

Kelly Downey said...

cute! i'm cracking up at my dad in the background!

Linda said...

This makes me so happy! Times like this are the best...family, music, friends, and my baby brother cutting loose!!! Great memory for sure!

Linda said...

I love this...the BEST ever! These are the moments I treasure most because they are the most fun. Family, good friends, great music, and my little brother was awesome!