Kill That Bird!!!

This morning, I was quietly enjoying my cup of coffee, the fire, and a little design work. I was all cozy in my dad's recliner.

A bird starts to chirp. At first I thought it was nice. But, it kept going. Very consistent and very loud. So loud I kept thinking it was in the house.

I got to the point where I was saying to myself, "I want to kill that BIRD!!!". I am not real good at tuning things out.

An hour passes, and this bird is still going strong! My dad comes downstairs and starts cleaning up the kitchen. He soon hears the bird.

He asked me rather abruptly if that bird has been chirping like that for a while. I quickly respond, "YES! I'm about to kill it! Does he do this often?" (Thinking he must have experienced the feeling of wanting to kill it too!!). He looks at me and says, "oh that's just the fake bird in the plant behind you letting me know it needs water."

The plant needed water.
The. Plant. Needed. WATER!
That damn fake bird!!!

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