Colorado Day 5 - 5/13/2013

Today was the day we traveled home!  We had the best time ever, and Shelby was an amazing hostess. We were definitely ready to be back home in our own bed, though :)

Our flight didn't leave until 3 in the afternoon, so we had the morning to do whatever we wanted.  SP got up early and drove Shelby to work while I stayed at home and slept a little longer.  He was back in less than an hour and somehow couldn't get Shelby's garage door opener to work, so we he came back into the house through the front door.  During the time he was gone, Boss (her very large part Rot dog who is just a big lover) had come to sleep in the room with me.  When he heard that front door open, he went in bark attack mode, which just about sent me into cardiac arrest!  It scared the you know what out of me.  I seriously thought an intruder was in the house.  I apparently had fallen back to sleep very quickly and very hard.  I was very relieved when I realized it was just Sean, and I think Boss was as well!

Sean had a little bit of work to catch up on, so I jumped on the iPad to find somewhere yummy for us to go grab some breakfast!  I stumbled upon a place called Snooze, an A.M. eatery, and let me just say, I am glad I found it.  This food was heavenly!  We had a little bit of a wait, but the weather was so nice, we didn't mind sitting outside.  This just proved to me how good it must be.  A wait, at 11am on a Monday?!

It was actually HOT!  I had to take my sweater off!
I ordered the Rocky Mountain Mule.
Odwalla OJ, yum!!

I ordered the OMG! French Toast, which I read about online from several Yelp reviewers.  It sounded too good to pass up.  Let me describe it for you...

Now I know what you're thinking.  WOAH, too sweet!  I must say, it was not too sweet and not too rich.  Seriously!  It was just perfect :)  I always have to go with something salty as well, so I ordered a side of hash-browns, too :)

Sean always orders one-of-a-kind type dishes on any menu, especially when he's out of town.  This is what he went with...


After this large breakfast, we headed back to Shelby's to finish getting packed up. We went back to her work to pick her up so she could take us to the airport.

This trip was one for the record books.  We had such an amazing time and already are looking forward to going back.  But, next time, I'd like to have my concert tickets already in hand, ha!  We love you Shelby, thanks again for all that you did for us!  Now, come home to TX!

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