Memorial Day Weekend

So after my parents finished up in Houston, they headed back to our house for a quick overnight stay on Wednesday before hitting the road back to Arkansas.  The whole family would soon be on the Escarpment enjoying the holiday weekend together! That evening, we celebrated some good news by eating at one of my dads favorite restaurants...Truluck's in Southlake.  He loves their snow crab claws and it's something he can eat, and actually enjoy.  The good news was that the chemo is working on his cancer and his cancer marker has dropped significantly.  It's all about small victories, so we celebrated with smiles on our faces :)

Thursday morning, we got up and I hit the road with them.  My mom thought she could use my help to get the house ready for the other members of our families arrival in the next few days to come!  Sean and I were going to have to take separate cars anyway because I was staying behind after the weekend was over and he was going to come back home.  So off we went, me in the lead, and storms ahead!  We got so lucky and only hit a little rain.  We were tailing a massive storm our entire drive!

The Escarpment
Beautiful day!  Beautiful view!
Journey into Tranquility shining bright from the mountain on this wonderful afternoon! 

It did not take my dad long to get back doing what he loves best...planting plants! We weren't home 10 minutes before he was outside.  I left both my mom and dad at home to get organized from being away from so long, and I went and picked up dinner at a yummy thai restaurant.  It's a weekly staple in their house because my dad loves their vegetable soup!  

We went to bed that evening ready to hit the ground running on Friday!

My mom and I got busy that morning prepping food and getting all the guest rooms ready for company. That afternoon she took my dad to his doctor appointment to get his fluids drained and I picked up sticks in the yard and hit the grocery store with a list more massive than I care to talk about!

I spotted a cute little ladybug outside that day!

One heavy buggy!

By evening, I couldn't figure out where my mom was, but she kept talking to me while I was in the kitchen.  Finally, I walked around the corner into the downstairs bedroom and found this!....

BUSTED!  They just put this bed in the room (used to be just an office) so she saaaaays she was making sure it was comfortable.  I think she was hiding from more work ;)

SP got there by early evening, and Adam and Christy didn't make it until after midnight!  We all went to bed and decided to see them Saturday morning :)

By Saturday we had the whole crew!  I went and picked up Shawn, Anastasia, Yasha, and Natasha from the airport!  The buddy was so happy to see me :)  He ran and jumped into my arms, so sweet :)  When we got home, he did the same thing to Grammy!  He couldn't wait to get out of his car seat, then run around to the front porch to see Grammy and Grampa!

The rest of the weekend was spent laying low and eating lots!  We had fun playing outside with Yasha, cooking good meals, and catching visits with Grampa in between his resting upstairs.  

Yasha's slide
Father son chatting
Helping Grammy pick up sticks in the yard
Visiting the museum hotel to pick up Natasha (his other grandmother)
Oh Boy! 
Reading Dora with Grammy
Honcho time! 
This video is in a random place but for some reason it wouldn't let me put it anywhere else!

Proud to be an American!
The happy couple, Adam and Christy!
Glad to have you in the crew, Christy!
Men and BBQ 
Building "houses" with Grammy 
Enjoying a bagel with PB and Honey!
Where's Waldo? - He liked these books!
Yes, he's eating an entire baguette.  Silly boy!
Chillin' on the front porch

We are so blessed to have such a fun family!  We treasure our time together so much, since we are all spread out by way of DC, LA, TX, and AR!  One by one, everyone went back home.  Everyone except me and the DC bunch!  On Tuesday, Shawn and Anastasia headed to Mexico!  What did they do with Yasha while they were in MX you ask?  

Stay tuned...Grammy, Grampa, and Aunt Catherine had fuuuuuun with our buddy for 4 days!

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