Colorado Day 4 - 5/12/2013

On Sunday afternoon, we drove out to Estes Park.  This day was spent sightseeing and not drinking.  Shocking, I know!  We drove to Colorado Springs and picked up our new friend Dan, who drove down from Wyoming to spend the day with us.  The drive was beautiful!

We went on a tour of the Stanley Hotel.  This is the hotel where The Shining was filmed.  It is supposedly haunted, but I still have my doubts!  It was a beautiful day and the hotel was definitely something to see.

The view from the hotel
One of the most haunted rooms at the hotel. 
RED RUM - Murder spelled backwards
Where the hotel has the most energy, The Vortex.  Apparently if you stay there long enough your cell phone
battery will  drain.  There was definitely electricity through there.  We kept getting shocked!
The famous hallway from The Shining
The tour guide trying to get a spirit of one of the little girls from the movie to
grab this girls sucker.  Never happened!

Regardless, the tour was fun and interesting.  After it was over, we decided we just had to have one drink at the Stanley.  

A few more shots of the scenery from the Stanley...

We left the Stanley and drove to downtown Estes Park for lunch, then took a drive to Rocky Mountain National Park.  We didn't get to enter the park because it was too late in the day and we needed to get back to Denver.  

I had yummy fish tacos!
The elk was so close to the car, we could have reached out and touched him!

The day was beautiful, as was the scenery.  It was a nice, relaxing day, that we were all in need of!  It was late by the time we got back to Shelby's house.  We popped a frozen pizza in the oven, watched some TV, and were all asleep by 10pm :) Tomorrow, we head home. 

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