Meeting Louis Armstrong Traylor!

Last Thursday morning, SP and I dropped his parents off at DFW for their trip to Italy and then we hit the road to Arkansas!  We had a full weekend planned on the mountain.  A weekend full of getting to know my mom's new pup, Louis Armstrong!

Jack and Sheryl headed out on their next adventure!

As we traveled north, the trees were beginning to change and the weather was definitely cooler than here in Texas!  In fact, one day it felt like a winter day, burrr!

(excuse the bug splatters on the windshield :// )

When we got there, it didn't take long for us to fall in love with Mr. Louis.  He is the most perfect puppy...ever!  Just look at how cute he is!

We had so much fun laughing at him and playing with him throughout the weekend. His personality just cracks me up.  He can be so hyper, but the second you pick him up, he will be real still and just about melt into your arms (or lap) like butter.  So sweet :)

We had a relaxing, but busy weekend.  We had a friends wedding on Saturday evening. We were in charge of picking up the cakes and dropping them off at the event site. I was freaking out when my mom told me that this was our job.  I couldn't believe we had to get the cakes!   I mean, what if we dropped them, or they slid in the car and got smooshed.  Oh my!  Good news...the delivery was a total success!  Louis even got to go along for the ride.  That took up most of our day, leaving just an hour or two at home to get ready to go back out for the wedding.  We finally made it back home in time for the end of our terrible LSU football game.  UGH!  Could have done without that.  They played terrible and lost against Ole Miss.  We went from #6 to #13, boooooo!!!!!!!!!  I'm scared for what the rest of the season might bring.

SP spent a lot of time helping my mom with her "honey do" list.  He fixed her clogged sink, he fixed her garage door, he changed lightbulbs, he fixed a smoke detector, AND he started helping organize my dad's barn.  Seriously....he accomplished so much, and my mom was so thankful to have him there. And that he likes to do handy type of stuff.  And organization is totally his thing!  He's a pretty handy guy, if I do say so myself :)  

Sunday we hung out around the house all day!  I made pumpkin squares inside while my mom mowed with Louis, and Sean worked in the barn :)

He didn't last very long riding on the Kubota with her :)

Beautiful view from The Escarpment

His favorite thing to do is bring in sticks and leaves from outside!

Cold enough for a fire :)

That evening we had some friends over for dinner and to meet the puppy!  Sean smoked some chicken on the Honcho and it turned out perfect (as usual!)!  After everyone left around 8, we all sat down in the cozy living room to watch some TV before going to bed.  At one point, I made a comment, and when I turned around and looked at my mom and Sean, they were BOTH asleep!  OH, and Louis!  I was watching TV by myself, ha!  I tried to take a picture, but my mom busted me!  

We always have such a nice time in Arkansas and always look forward to our next visit.  My mom and Louis will be heading here in a few weeks as we all head down to Austin for my cousins wedding! Then we will have Thanksgiving to look forward to!  

Thanks for a fun weekend, mom!  We love you (and Louis, too!) :)

Raindrops on the drive home :)

While we were in Arkansas, we kept getting emails with pictures attached like this one from SP's parents...SERIOUSLY?!

Oh, Venice!

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Linda said...

I was able to relive the feeling of the whole weekend because of your thoughtful writing and pictures. Louis and I can't wait to be with you again. Hopefully, he will have learned a few new tricks by then, and maybe he will have gotten his first grooming! You and Sean are delightful company and tremendous helpers. I am so lucky you like to come to the mountain as much as you do. I just know it pleases your dad, too. :)