11-12-13 :)

My 32nd birthday was yesterday!  Kinda cool that the date was 11-12-13!

This birthday was perfect, and completely different from any other I can remember! You see, normally I put a tremendous amount of pressure on my birthday.  I love birthdays, and I love to celebrate!  But this year, I just didn't care what we did, and was down for a more "low-key" celebration.  And, I LOVED it!  It was so nice to not stress over who was going to make my party, or what I was going to wear to my party, or where we were going to have my party!  It just didn't matter!  So, let's get on with the day...

Before I could barely even get my eyes open, Sean informed me that I had a video message on my phone. So I rolled over and this is what was waiting...

Perfect way to wake up, if you ask me!  Too much cuteness to even handle with the little buddy!  

Then, Sean made me a yummy breakfast!

French Toast with Bananas & Walnuts, Scrambled Eggs, and leftover fruit salad from our Chik-fil-a lunch
the day before, ha!!

My afternoon was spent talking on the phone, texting, and watching some TV.  Low key, relaxing, and perfect!  So many birthday wishes.  I could really feel the love from my family and friends!  I got this adorable video from my friend Jenn!  It's her 2 year old daughter Elise singing me Happy Birthday :)

Later in the day, these lovelies were delivered....

Thanks, Mom!  They are so bright & cheery!  Best part is you will be here to see them in person tomorrow!!

For dinner, Sean took me to Ponder, TX to eat at Ranchman's Cafe - The Ponder Steakhouse.  This place has been around since 1948, but the actual building has been there since 1903.  WOW!  It was about a 30 minute drive for us, but well worth it, if nothing else, just the experience alone was cool.

The road to Ponder, TX at sunset.  So pretty!
The menu was in a newspaper
We ordered grilled and fried quail.  Of course it came with white gravy!

Not pictured were the delicious fried green tomatoes that we also got!  They were yummy good, and so was the real ranch dressing we had to dip them in!

My chicken fried steak!...Before
After.  I said I was done and then kept taking more bites, whoops!
Full bellies!

I have been craving an oreo blizzard from DQ.  After dinner, SP drove me north a few more miles to Denton to the nearest Dairy Queen for a birthday blizzard!  It was so cold outside, but I didn't care!  I was soooo happy to have my blizzard finally!

It was like heaven in my mouth :)  SO YUMMY!!!!!

We were home, back in our comfy pants, and on the couch before The Voice started at 8!  It was such an awesome birthday.  I wouldn't change one thing about it!

My gift from SP...

I am obsessed with the color!

One day about 2 weeks ago, I walked into our office.  Sean quickly asked me if I saw his computer screen because he had been looking up my birthday present.  I didn't see anything (really!  I didn't!).  A few minutes later, we were hovering over his computer looking at the weather radar.  For some reason, I noticed the advertisement bar across the right side of the screen.  It was KitchenAid mixers. I didn't think anything of it.  I go over back to my computer desk, and about 10 minutes later, I said, "hey babe, I think I know what you got me for my birthday." "WHAT?!"  he exclaimed!  He jerked his head back around to see if he accidentally left a screen up on his computer.  I know I probably shouldn't have said anything, but I seriously couldn't help myself!  I felt guilty that I figured it out!   So he made me tell him what I thought.  I was right.  Silly computer ads gave it away! Needless to say, I didn't care, and was very very very verrrrrrrrrry happy with the gift idea! And even better, now I was able to choose my own color since I already knew what I was getting!  HA!

Here's to another year to me :)  I have a feeling it's gonna be a great one ;)

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