Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving was very different this year.  Even though his presence was all around, it just wasn't quite the same without him there.  I am sure nothing ever will be.  But, I think I can speak for my entire family when I say we all felt a greater sense of peace this year over last year, knowing my dad is no longer suffering.  I know nothing would make him more proud than to see all of us together, carrying on the way we always have.  There was no question or doubt in any of our hearts or minds that he was too far away.  He lives in each of us and we constantly remind ourselves of that.  It makes for a lot of good laughs, thinking of my dad and just how entertaining he always was!  We were so blessed to have been able to be all together, on the mountain, the place that he loved the most.  I know we did him proud!

We had a lot of time together!  The DC bunch flew in on Tuesday, and SP and I drove in on that same afternoon.  Viktor and Natasha (Anastasia's parent's) flew in on Wednesday, and Adam drove in late Wednesday evening.  Unfortunately, Christy wasn't able to join us this year because she needed to be with her family.  So by 9pm on Wednesday night, my family was together, under one roof!

The rundown of our week went something like this:

- Cook
- Eat
- Start organizing the barn
- Eat
- Cook
- Relax
- Cry
- Work a few puzzles
- Visit
- Eat
- Watch The Hobbit
- Laugh
- Eat some more

Here are some pictures from our week together!

On the road!!

Sean always wants to stop at some hole in the wall type of place when going through all the small towns in Oklahoma.  I usually never let him because I'm always in such a hurry to get there.  But, this time I wasn't in a huge hurry because we were scheduled to arrive at the same time my mom would be gone picking up Shawn, Anastasia, and Yasha at the airport.  So I caved, and I'm glad I did...this burger was really yummy!  We stopped at Wheeler's in Kiowa, OK.  We've eaten here one other time.  

I needed my mom there to help me eat my other half!  SP took care of it - shocker!
Adam, Shawn, Sean Parks
Papa and Yasha playing on the floor, being silly billies (Yasha'ism)
Gorgeous morning on the mountain
This was a hard puzzle!  SCT put the final touches on it.
Best friends :)
Grammy is loving this!
The men folk
There is no other Gumbo like my Mama's!
VICTORY!  We barley won, but we DID IT!
The whole crew after the win!
Adam, Viktor, Me
Natasha, Shawn, Mom & Louis
SP, Yasha, Anastasia
A boy, a mud puddle, and a puppy = a MESS!
One of the messes!  
Love this pic of the buddy!  Future snowboarder!

The best part about ending the week together, is knowing in just a few more weeks we will be back together again!  In the same spot!  More eating, barn cleaning, and togetherness!  I can't wait!

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