First Trimester

Week 5 
(Oct. 8 - 14, 2013)
Monday morning (Sept. 30). Holy....ummm, am I seeing things?  Wait...another pink line is popping up, right?  I stared at it instead of walking away!  I couldn't help myself. But bc I stared so intently at it, I really thought my vision was going blurry, causing me to see double. I walked away, brushed my teeth, went back and freaked (in a good way!). I paced back and forth, between the bedroom and bathroom, looking up a few times at myself in the mirror and saying "really??!!", while waiting for Sean to get off the phone!  I walked him into the bathroom and just pointed at the test laying on the counter.  We both started to cry! 
Symptoms: Feeling shocked and tired. And nauseous after breakfast.

Week 6 
(Oct. 15 - 21, 2013)
Fatigue. Yep, that's about it. Extremely tired.  Nauseous now after lunch. Wow, still hard to process!

Week 7 
(Oct. 22 - 28, 2013)
Finally our first doctor appointment!  Hearing the heart beat and seeing the little baby(ish) on the monitor was amaaaazing!! Everything checked out great!  There were several things throughout the morning that let Sean and I know my dad was not far from us.  The nurse reminded me of Ty (at MD Anderson), our doctor talked to us about him after asking about the JIT bracelet on SP's wrist, and then after the appointment, we were off to Waffle House!  If you know my dad, then you know why this reminds us of him!  After a yummy breakfast, I hurried home to my spot on the sofa for an afternoon nap :)  Still always tired and nauseous after lunch!

Week 8 
(Oct. 29 - Nov. 4 , 2013)
Sinking in a little more to both of us, but still an odd feeling. Sean still forgets and when we go out to eat, he offers me to get a drink if I want one (as if he had to offer me one before, ha).  Ok, so maybe it hasn't QUITE sunk in for him yet!  Only get nauseas when I eat heavy food. So trying to avoid said food!  Still no sickness!

Week 9 
(Nov. 5 - 11, 2013)
I am no longer able to "suck it in". And my stomach is hard (no not from my 'ahem' awesome abs).  Nausea has subsided and I seem to have slightly more energy. Which is an awesome feeling!  I've consistently gotten up between 4 & 4:30am every night for the last few weeks to use la toilette ://

Week 10 
(Nov. 12 - 18, 2013)
Definitely have more energy, but still am able to take an afternoon snooze on the couch if I let myself (which I normally do!).  We are ready for our 2nd appointment next week!  I sleep like a rock every night, and I love it (except for the double potty breaks, now around 1:30 and 3:30).  Oh, my mom was in town this weekend and we went antiquing and found the most perfect dresser/changing table!  We might have picked up a few paint swatches as well ;))

Week 11 
(Nov. 19 - 25, 2013)
Feeling pretty good!  Some indigestion, but nothing a glass of almond milk can't cure. Still occasional naps.  We had our second doctors appointment on Thursday morning (11/21/13)!  We got to hear the little heart beat again. Baby's heart rate was 169, which Dr. Allen said was very good!  I have noticed I am craving a lot of sweets. Great!  Oh, but I've lost 3 pounds. Hmm, sounds weird, but since I know the days of unstoppable weight gain are coming, I'll take the weight loss for now!  I finally broke down and bought some maternity clothes this week. I had already switched to maternity leggings (which I may never go back to regular ones now!), but I was running low on tops that were long enough to cover the tush!  I should be set for a little while now :) Sean and I can't believe that in just one more week we will be in our second trimester!  Time is flying by so far!  And then I will finally get to post this blog post!!!  Last but not least, I made a little inspiration board for the nursery. The dresser and crib are definites!

Week 12 
(Nov. 26 - Dec. 2, 2013)
Wow. Wow wow!!  This is the last week of my first trimester!  How exciting is that?  I have felt great!  We spent the week in Arkansas for Thanksgiving with my family, and everyone there seems to think we are having a girl...except my Mom, I'm not sure she's given her guess officially yet!  I haven't weighed myself since we got home, but after all that holiday food, I'm willing to bet I'm finally gaining some lbs.  My nephew, Yasha, was sick over the break, so I was a psycho about germs all week!  Still crossing my fingers that we all stay well!  Belly is definitely still growing :)

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