Festive Monday!

On Monday, we went to Sean's office Christmas event.  It was for everyone's families and their clients, as it was a kid-friendly event!  His boss, Carolyn, INSISTED that we take a picture with Santa, as baby's first Santa pic would need to be documented!  And as a grandmother herself, she told me my mother would want this picture (ha!).  So here you go mom...Baby Parks' Santa picture debut!

Afterwards we went and met my cousins in Grapevine for their annual Christmas Light Float Parade!  It was fun to see the floats and all the kids dressed up in cute little costumes yelling out to all of us, "Merry Christmas!"  Boyd wasn't there b/c he was out of town, but SP kept calling him bah humbug regardless, ha!

By the time this ended, SP and I were starving!  So we went to Snuffer's to end the evening with some of their famous cheese fries.  Mmm, tasty!

It was nice to get out and be a little festive.  It's so hard to believe December has already, alllllmost, come and gone!  I remember as a little girl feeling like Christmas was never going to come.  Now, it comes too quickly!  Time needs to slow down.  Yea I know, not going to happen!  Alright, I'm off to wrap some presents.  I think I'll turn on some Christmas music to make it more festive!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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