Finding Out Early!!

Sean and I went to our monthly doctor appointment on Wednesday, December 18.  We first met with the financial office and got all of our routine visits with Dr. Allen paid for (woohoo!).  Then, our friend Datril came strolling in (Allen's assistant) and started chit chatting with us for a while.  Nothing pregnancy or doctor related.  Just shootin' the shit type of talk.  We had gotten there early because SP had to be somewhere right after our appointment, so we were hoping to get in early if we got there early.  It worked!  Only, Dr. Allen was still across the street at the hospital!  After about 20 minutes of talking to Datril, so tells us to come on back to the exam room and maybe Dr. Allen would be back soon.  Her c-section was running late.

Dr. Allen wasn't around, still.  I told Datril all was fine with me, and asked her if she could just listen to the heartbeat for us and we could be on our way.  She said she would try, but that she wasn't good with finding it on smaller bellies like mine.  She warned us to not freak out if she couldn't find it.  I had faith in her, so I laid back...and nothing.  She tried and tried, and all she kept finding was my own heartbeat! She went to go find a nurse practitioner to help.  Datril returns, alone.  No nurse to be found.  She tells us to just come back to the Keller office (we were in Grapevine) the next morning to see Dr. Allen since she was still tied up at the hospital.  I was fine with that, but SP had another appointment that morning and wouldn't be able to go.  I really wasn't concerned, but he was a little nervous about the thought of not being there just in case something was wrong.  And he knows me, and knew by the time we went to bed for the evening I'd probably be freaking out.  So he did what any good husband would do...continued to find a solution right then and there.

Next thing we know Datril leaves the room, and pops back in a minute later and says, "Come on let's go! We're going to go get a sonogram!"  I hopped off that exam table as fast as I could get my shirt pulled back down and off we went down the hall!

SP and I had no idea what we were about to be in for!  All we were thinking about was hearing the heartbeat, not really realizing we were getting a full blown sonogram at 15 weeks!  That just doesn't happen unless you are high risk or have complications.

The sonographer put the wand on my belly and BAM....on the screen above was our baby BOY, spread eagle, for all to see!  But she moved the wand away quickly and no one said anything.  Our eyes were looking, but our minds and ears were focused on one thing...that heartbeat!

The heartbeat was there, strong and beating just fine.  Finally I couldn't hold it in and I said, "So is it a boy or a girl?"  Her response, "Do you want to know?"..."YES!", I said.  SP quickly followed with "BOY!", "Yep", she replied.  I literally thought Sean was going to bounce out of the room he was soooo excited! He had somehow convinced himself we were having a girl!  I on the other hand, knew God was aware of how much I wanted a boy, and that he was going to give me just that :)  And he did :)  The next 10 minutes were spent staring at our son.  The sonographer was on her lunch break, but she was so excited for us and enjoying herself, that she kept telling us not to worry about taking her lunch. Such a nice lady.   She took a bunch of pictures and I got my wish...to know the sex before Christmas!!

Datril took us back into Dr. Allen's room and told us we had to keep this as a secret because otherwise the office would make us pay for the sonogram.  Our lips were sealed! Well, within the office anyway :)  She still wanted me to see Dr. Allen the next morning.

After SP and I left the doctors office that afternoon in separate cars, we must have called each other 5 times within 30 minutes, just so excited!   We were having a son! WooHooooo!!!

I went the next morning at 8am to the Keller office.  I had to pretend I didn't know the sex!  It was so hard b/c she kept saying things like, "Your next appointment is the big anatomy scan!  Are you so excited?"  And at one point, I even referred to the baby as he when we were listening to the heartbeat! Whoops!

Here are the pictures from our Wednesday appointment.  She said he measured about 5 oz!  That is a big baby (by 15 weeks, the average is 3 oz, ha!)  My mom always said my dad had a hand in this baby. Well, it's proving even more true.  A boy, and a BIG boy, at that :)  Thanks, Dad :)

Look at those long legs!!
I think he has my pug nose :)
Surprise!  I'm a BOY!
This is him turned towards the camera and his arms are up blocking his face :)  Cutie!!

On January 15th, we get to have the real anatomy scan, and see baby all over again!  YAY!!!

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