Spontaneous Trip

A few weeks before heading to Shreveport for my baby shower, my mom asked if I would want to ride back to Arkansas with her from Louisiana for the week! My initial reaction was YES! But, when I started to think about the logistics, I realized I'd be past the point where I could fly (safely) and when I talked to SP about it, he wasn't thrilled about the idea of my driving home by myself at this stage of the game (31 weeks pregnant). I told my mom (who also didn't want me driving alone right now) the only way I could come is if she was willing to drive me home the next weekend. Of course she was, and just like that, I had another trip, pre-baby, scheduled for the mountain!

Sunday morning in Shreveport, she went to breakfast with Adam and Christy, and Christy's dad and step-mom. Sean and I stayed behind and waited on her to get back. We had a nice visit with Uncle Jim and Suzanne that morning, then we all went our separate ways. Sean back to Texas, and my mom and I to Bentonville! It was a gloomy rainy day, but luckily the rain wasn't too heavy, just constant the entire way, yuck!

Before we got completely out of town, my mom wanted to run by her childhood home. It was really neat to pull into the neighborhood and hear all of her memories she told. I definitely have a few of them myself. I remembered the entrance into the neighborhood, and I remembered the house once I saw it. I was young when we would go to visit my grandmother, but I will never forget the peacock feathers in the dining room, the bright red lipstick in the green tube in her bathroom (which also had blue carpet I think), the swivel stool that sat by the phone, and the dark, smokey smelling living room.  Most of my mom's memories consisted of her telling me all the places she used to ride her bike around the neighborhood, and how much she loved zooming down her driveway on it! Precious memories :)

We made our way into Bentonville around 6:30 and headed straight to the Robinson's to pick up little Louis!!! I couldn't wait to get my hands on that pup, and that obviously goes without saying for my mom! We were happy to get settled in for the evening on the Escarpment. Since it was still cold and rainy, we ate leftover lentil soup she had in the freezer. So yummy! We called it an early night (as if that's not the usual when on "mountain time" {we all say the mountain sucks the energy out of us b/c we are so relaxed while there}).

My mom worked each morning until noon. I woke up in time to take her to work each day so that I could have the car if I needed it. I never went anywhere during those hours, but it was nice being able to pick her up at 12 and us being able to go do what we needed without her having to come home to get me first. Most mornings Louis and I just chilled. Just look at this cuteness!!

We napped, wrote thank you cards, napped some more...before I knew it, it was time to go grab my mom for some fun!

We were both completely worn out on Monday. Myself from the busy weekend and travel, and Louis from his busy weekend of playing with the Robinson's 2 golden doodles and grandkids! 

We went out to lunch every day (oops!). We ate at a little Mexican place on Monday, Thai on Tuesday, Table Mesa on Wednesday with Janie, Katie, Deb, and Becky, Thursday we ate BBQ, and Friday we picked up Fish n Chips from the new food truck in town, on our way out of town! We didn't go hungry, that's for sure! We did a little shopping, too. Look at this cute little outfit my mom bought for Baby...


We had a good time looking at all the baby stuff in a few small baby boutiques we found. I got a kick out of picking up different outfits and asking my mom if baby would look good in a certain color. Ha! As if we even know that yet!

Pretty flowers on the square
I sent a picture of this to SP asking if he wanted me to get it for Baby. He said, "No, he won't even know what it says!"
HA - silly daddy!

Each day after a good lunch and a little shopping, we'd head home and set Louis free from jail (aka the laundry room). He was always soooo excited to see his momma! The rest of the day was spent lounging around mostly. We ate chicken'n'dumplings for dinner a few times, we ate steak and potato one night, and on Thursday, we were treated to a nice dinner at Crabby's by the Reynold's. I got salmon that was very very good! 

Friday morning I took a nap, loaded up the car, and then Louis and I picked up my mom! We grabbed some fish'n'chips from the truck on the corner and hit the road. The food truck took foreverrrrrrr and unfortunately wasn't great. Sean heard we were going to a food truck and insisted (like, I'm not kidding) that I take a picture of the menu for him! He cracks me up!

After lunch, we each had one last cupcake left to devour from the shower. We might have each had one a day...but who's to say :)


We were off by 1, and made it to my house around 7ish. We were all three VERY ready to get out of the car!

Such a trooper, considering my presence in the car bumped him to the backseat! Sorry little Lou!

I had such a nice time in Bentonville with my mom and Louis. It was a nice week to spend together before my life gets crazy! Thanks mom for all the fun, and for the extra mileage on your car :) I don't know about you, but I think it was worth it :)

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Linda said...

It was a wonderful week for me and my furry little four legged buddy! We both loved having you here and it felt like a mini vacation for me. : ) We will have great times on the moutain with baby Parks in the future! Hugs and Kisses, Mom