Crafty Weekend with Grammy

After spending a week in Arkansas with my mom, she and Louis drove baby and I back to Texas last Friday. Before we left, I packed a cooler full of our leftovers because I knew when we got to my house we would be too tired to figure out dinner. Sean was going out with some friends so we were on our own. Who says you can't eat chicken & dumplings 3 times in one week? Not I :) We didn't get home until around 7, so after unloading the car, showing her the nursery for the first time, and heating up leftovers, we were both quick to jump in bed for a good nights sleep (only I didn't get to sleep until SP got home later, boo!).

When Saturday morning came, we hit the ground running! First up was fuel! There is a new breakfast place around the corner from us that we've been wanting to try. Now, I must tell you, when I go eat breakfast somewhere, I have to order a little bit of salty and sweet. It's just the way it has to be. I am sure I have my father to thank for this! I ordered an omelet and 2 blueberry pancakes. I didn't think anything else was going to come with it, which was fine. No toast, potatoes..not ANYTHING! Just one omelet and 2 pancakes. Well, when our food came out, suddenly I wasn't just eating for 2, I felt like I was eating for 4!

It was so funny! I couldn't believe how much food I had in front of me. I was almost embarrassed, ha! But, I quickly moved the pancakes in the middle of the table and we all 3 ate on them. They were seriously amazing! In fact, I want more right now! They were, first of all, HUGE, but they had the perfect amount of crispy on them. Oh my gosh, I'm drooling! The rest of my breakfast I barely touched because it didn't compare to the pancakes. Next time we go back (tomorrow? :) ) I will just order ONE pancake and ONE scrambled egg.

After breakfast we ran to the grocery store to get stuff for dinner because we invited Jack and Sheryl over to eat shish-kabobs later that evening. I was so eager to get back home and in the nursery to unload all the gifts from the Shreveport shower from the previous weekend. Sean was sweet to unload them all when he got home last weekend, but that's as far as it went. Fine by me, part of the fun was unpacking them all to see what I got! That took a little while to figure out where I was going to put it all. Once we got everything put away, my mom pulled out my sewing machine and got busy with a few crafty things :)

First up was the basket for the changing table. We found the perfect size basket at Hobby Lobby when we were in Arkansas. There was just one problem. The liner inside was white with pink polka dots. Hmm, not gonna work for this baby of mine :) My mom was quick to realize she could just use that as a pattern and make a new liner that would match better. She had some leftover truck fabric from the baby blanket she made. It turned out SO CUTE! I just love the pop of color it adds to this corner of the room, don't you?

Next up was the hemming of the curtains! They have been driving me CRAZY, but I am not very good at hemming things very straight, so I was happy to have her help me. Although, I guess I ended up being there for moral support only, because she knocked it out by herself! Thanks, mom!

Here's the before...

And here's the after! So much better :)

The next project sort of came about last minute, but it's something we have both been thinking a lot about. We were unsure of how to execute it ourselves, or to just buy it. A mobile. Once my mom informed me of how little time this gem would be hanging over the crib for the sake of baby's safety, it became really difficult for me to think about spending $100+ on one. So with that in mind, we were set on making one. The truck fabric to the rescue again!

I cut out the trucks from the fabric, she sewed around them, I stuffed them, then she closed them up with the ribbon. It's simple and I love it. We added the little beads and the mobile arm cover last minute. The beads are cute and add interest, and the arm cover just has to be there because the arm itself is the most hideous color against that white crib! I figured out a way to spin it so that the ribbon will wind up and then spin around in circles for a minute. So $40 later, we had ourselves a mobile :)  I think it looks good when you look at the whole picture!

See that cute baby blanket she made hanging over the crib :) Love it!

We had so much fun putting these finishing touches on the nursery. It was nice to have another set of eyes to bounce ideas off of. Louis enjoyed himself, too...

Seriously? That's my pillow, dog! Ha! He cracks me up!

We had a nice dinner on Saturday with Sean's parents, even though we had to push them off an hour so we would be ready for them. Our projects consumed our day, but thankfully Sean got a nap in and then was able to help throw dinner together before they got here!

Sunday was here before we knew it, and it was time for my mom and Louis to head out. But, mother nature wasn't ready for them to leave just yet. It was a nasty rainy day from here all the way home for them. They decided to stay another night! Woo Hoo!

He is thrilled!

Sunday my mom and I went to Babies'R'Us and Buy Buy Baby. It was fun to walk around and see all the things I had registered for but had not seen in person. I can't remember what we did after that other than maybe eat a steak finger basket from DQ for lunch, ah! We just couldn't help ourselves. We worked hard all weekend and deserved it! We put some finishing touches on the room decor, did some relaxing, and then my mom made us a quick easy supper. Turkey burgers with mushrooms and swiss. So good! It wasn't too long after that we all went to bed. 

She and Louis were out early, 6am! I didn't see them off, but made sure I said "See ya' later!" the night before. Sean got up just before they headed out. She got home in time to drop Louis off at home and go to work for a few hours. 

I was so happy to have had them here an extra day. We got a lot of things done and I'm feeling good about the nursery. I think it is finally looking complete, thanks to Grammy's help :) 

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Linda said...

This was all great fun! Baby Parks has a very special place waiting on him at your house. It is warm, bright, soothing, and fun! I can't wait to see his little self nestled in that sweet room. We have all put so much love into it!