Fall on the Mountain

Picking up where we left off from my previous post ...

After a family weekend at our house, Grammy, Louis, Sidney, and I loaded up on a Tuesday and headed to the mountain!

Oh boy! A 7 hour car ride!

Once again, Sid was a great little traveler. He didn't sleep the entire time on this trip like he has done on previous rides up to Arkansas. We had to stop more than normal, but it was a beautiful day, so taking our time didn't bother any of us!

Happy to be out of the car seat. Little did he know we were only 1.5 hrs into our trip!

The drive got more gorgeous the further north we went, as the trees were beginning to turn. We made it around 4 o'clock. Sid stayed awake until bath and then slept like a baby (no pun intended!).

Leaves were just starting to turn when we got there!

The next few days Grammy went to work from 9-1. I like her new hours because it gave us time to hang out before she had to leave. Each day, she'd come home, we'd eat lunch, and we would go run around town when Sid woke up from his nap. 

Sid loved being outdoors! We weren't worried about West Nile at Grammy's house!
Sid was completely over our shopping spree :( He was a trooper none the less.
Lots of goodies for the sweet little fella.
He had fun at the grocery store.
Feeling like a big boy sitting in Grampa's chair all by himself!

I was so pleased with how well Sid took to being away from home. Although he has been to Grammy's many times now, you still never know how well he will sleep in a somewhat new environment. He did amazing the entire trip! We have a good system and setup there that works for us.

Grammy had a fun swing for him!
They looked less than thrilled
Louis does pretty good sharing his mama, but he does wish Sid would
get off his stool and blanket, ha!

Sean woke up early Saturday morning (like 4:30 kind of early) to make the drive up. My Uncle Jim also came in town on Saturday. Here we were again...a house full of family :) LSU was playing Kentucky that evening! We fixed a bunch of snacky food for the game. (I realize I am not as good at taking pictures of what we eat as I once was - I guess I have more important cuter subject matter these days :) ) We made phyllo dough wrapped asparagus, potato skins, and coconut shrimp. I feel like there was something else but I can't remember what...mom?....OH - I remember now, shrimp dip. My mom made this for her brother because it's one of his favorites. The food was good, but more importantly, the Tigers won! GEAUX!

The other main thing that took place while there was...Uncle Jim and Sean took on the task of tackling my mom's when my sons, son-in-law, or brother come to my house, I will get them to fix... list. You know, simple things. Like burning the leaf pile (filled with all the large wooden items Shawn dumped on top while there over Labor Day weekend during his manly speeding-ramping-Kubota-thon {you had to be there}, blowing the leaves off the driveway (ha! have you SEEN her driveway!), fixing the ice maker, and most importantly fixing the washing machine what was filled with Sid's soiled diapers. Awesome! Sean is a genius YouTuber and has become mister fix-it. Uncle Jim was there for moral support, as he is NOT mister fix-it. 

While outside burning the pile, they needed rakes. My mom went to the barn and came back with the itty bitty rake Sean has. She said "Fred made me do it!" We all got a real good laugh out of that one. And you know what, I believe her! More on that in a bit. 

I was super excited that the monitor reached so far in the yard! See the garage where the cars are? That room above the garage is where Sid was sleeping! That's a long way!! Yay Samsung monitor :)

On Sunday, while Grammy was making donuts for us, Louis greeted her at the door. She was thrilled to say the least! It was another gorgeous day on the mountain, so we were able to spend time outside again!

He was coooooovered from head to toe in mud and stickers! He was having too much fun outside that morning. He cracks me up!

More time behind the barn with my boys

Sean grilled some really thick pork chops on the Honcho for us on Sunday night. I joined him out behind the barn for a "date night" while he grilled and Grammy and Uncle Jim listened for the baby :) I shared his crown and coke.

Fall is the absolute best time to be on the mountain. It is simply magical when the leaves start to change, and we can light fires and enjoy the cool air begin to settle in for the upcoming winter season.

Remember when I said there was more on my dad to come? While staying there, all night long I kept hearing things! Mostly things falling on the roof - like huge hickory nuts and branches. But the thing was, it really wasn't windy, and Sean looked and didn't see a big limb hanging over the guest room. I kept asking my mom if she would hear this or that. Sometimes I would hear the door leading into Sid's room shake as if someone were rattling the door handle. I have decided her house is haunted! Normally this idea would scare me and I'd never want to stay there again! I'm not into stuff like that. But, I am quite convinced the haunter is none other than my father playing tricks on me! As long as he doesn't play a spider trick on me, I welcome all the haunts he wants to give ;)

Sean and I headed home on Tuesday. It's always hard to leave because we love being there so much! But we will be seeing Grammy again very soon! And we will be back on the mountain for Christmas, assuming Grammy and Louis don't somehow kidnap Sid and I first :)

Stealing her last bits of sugar before we head out!

We love you, Grammy! Can't wait to see you again soon :)

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Linda said...

I just love your blog and I relive the good times we share when I read it. What a beautiful gift. All of our times together are special. XOXO, Mom