Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

The Tuesday following Father's Day, Sean got to take Sid to the ball park for his first Rangers game! 

The game started at 7:05. We were praying to the baby gods that Sid wouldn't fall apart before we even got to Arlington! I had planned on him taking a late afternoon nap that day so that he would be good and rested for staying up late. Not only did he not get a late nap, he got no afternoon nap. Awesome! That's what this mama gets for trying to make a plan with a 12 month old! Thankfully, our prayers worked - Sid did AWESOME!

This sort of melts my heart!

Sean found us amazing parking! Somehow we ended up just across the street from the ball park! This couldn't have been more perfect. We couldn't take the stroller and it was really just too hot for me to wear Sid in the Ergo. Sean just carried him right in and we didn't even have to climb stairs to our seats! 

This mama came loaded with snacks for the little guy! I was like a grape dispenser for 7 whole innings! It worked! He sat on his daddy's lap most of the time and watched the field as I kept the flow of grapes coming! The ball park lets you take in small coolers. I put an ice pack in it so the grapes stayed really cold! A nice treat for a super hot summer night!

He of course got very into the clapping!
Grapes, mama!
I made sure our surrounding neighbors knew it was empty ;)
Sweaaaaaty! That paper in Sean's hand was a life saver! It was our fan!
His first time wearing his new shoes!

Sid eventually needed a break from the grapes and the game. At that point, it was stair climbing time. Once that started, it was hard to end it. Between a few other snacks and playing with my empty beer can, he did amazing all things considered. 

We lasted until around 9:00 when I decided we needed to hit the road. It was the top of the 7th, we were winning, we were hot, and we needed to beat the traffic! Sid was asleep before we were even out of the parking lot! He did such an amazing job staying up late!

When we got home, I gave Sid a quick sponge bath and put him to bed. I think it was a super successful first ball game! I know it made Sean so happy to be there with his son, and I know there will be many more ball games between these two in years to come! Maybe next time Sean might actually get to teach Sid about the game!

Happy Father's Day, Sean! Sid and I had a blast sweating with you at the Rangers game :)

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