Four Years & Fourth of July!

This blog post is so late I'm sure to leave out plenty of the juicy details. It's tough getting time to blog these days!

Sean and I celebrated four years of marriage on July 3 this year! On July 2nd, we loaded up the car and headed to the mountain. Grammy promised to babysit so that we could go to dinner. And the next day we had friends over to celebrate the 4th of July! This will be one of those posts where the pictures will do the talking :)

Hard to believe it's been four whole years since I married this guy! Time flies when you're....

We went to a farm to table restaurant in Fayetteville. It did not disappoint. Super duper delicious! The drive to Fayetteville was delicious as well!

Fried Assorted mushrooms & Risotto balls
Grilled Pineapple, Fresh field greens, and Quinoa salad
Best gnocci I've ever had, and Sean had a cup of gumbo (he ate too many appetizers :)

The next day was the 4th! Uncle Adam, Aunt Christy, Uncle Jim, and Aunt Suzanne all came in town for a few days as well. On top of that, we invited some Bentonville friends over for the meal that evening. Sean did his thing and nailed the ribs!

We obviously had to do a little kitchen dancing :)

And I needed a companion to help me make my peach pie :)

The meal turned out great. Everyone brought an appetizer, a side, or a dessert. We were not lacking in food to eat. Once I put Sid down and it got dark, we all went outside for a small fireworks show courtesy of Adam and Sean! I couldn't relax because I was so afraid of it waking Sid up. Thankfully it did no such thing :) 

After the weekend was over, everyone went home after enjoying this breakfast!

French toast casserole!

Well, everyone went home except Sid and I! We did our usual thing and hung out for a week on the mountain! It literally rained the entire week we were there! We spent a lot of time indoors, but usually had a chance to get out for a little while each afternoon. We went to story time at the library which is always a lot of fun!

This is now Sid's favorite book! Go! Go! Go!

We did a lot of bubble blowing between rain showers. Louis had so much fun trying to catch the bubbles while Sid squealed from his stroller and said, "bubble!"

Sid loves riding on his Grammy's tractor. He loves to just ride around the yard and wave as he goes by!

Swinging on the swing that his Grampa built
Swinging on his baby swing under the wisteria vines ;)
Louis turned green from the avocado that fell on his back!
On Friday we loaded back into the car and Grammy and Louis brought us back to TX. Another fun trip on the mountain in the books :)

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