Sidney Loyd - Almost 15 months!

I thought it might be time to update a little bit about my favorite little boy, Sid! Boy is he the best handful ever! Phew - he's a mover and a shaker, that's for sure! 

Since his first birthday, Sid has really taken off! He rarely sits still unless he's sleepy or eating. I honestly don't even remember life without a walking toddler on my hands!

Sidney talks non stop. He is such a good communicator, which we are so thankful for. It is rare that we can't understand what he wants or needs. But don't let that fool you, we still get frustrated around here :/


wadda (water)
bubble (his most clear word)
dada (which now he is progressing into dad and daddy)
bababamamama (me :)
---with these next words, just think James Brown ---
caaa (car)
cuuu (cup)
haaa (hat)
haoo (hot)
bubu (blueberries)
caco (avocado)
ba (ball)
whispers the p sound for pancake, pepper, purple (and probably any other word starting with P)
boddle (when he sees a water bottle)
bye bye

Sid is good at signing and he picks up new signs all the time! It's so fun when he uses one that I didn't even realize he had picked up yet!

He loves playing with these containers.

all done
phone (we say "Daddy is talking on the phone."-  a lot around here since his daddy works from home)
waving hi/bye bye

Sid on his caaa!


watering (he pretends to make a rushing water sound while pretending to water plants when daddy tells him it's too haoo (hot) to go outside)

He LOVES water! This was Sunday afternoon play time in the big tub :)

Sid loves to be outside. And though we always say he's a total Traylor, one thing is for sure - when it comes to being hot outside he is a Parks through and through. You see, Traylor's do not like to sweat and be hot outside! Parks don't seem to mind! :)

Visiting the alpaca farm

He is a social butterfly and loves talking to anyone that might hear him shout "HI!" while vigorously waving his hands! People at the grocery store usually love him! Occasionally we will get someone who ignores him, and this drives Sid crazy. I swear that's his Grampa in him. My dad would insist on everyone talk back even if they really didn't want to. And he would speak to everyone! Shopping with Sid is a challenge sometimes because he wants absolutely everything he sees me pick up. Usually halfway through shopping I have to empty out his seat because he's covered in groceries!

He has a few buddies that we see quite often. It's so fun watching them play! We met Graham and his mommy, Erin, at music. Come to find out, we live less than 3 minutes away from each other. This was such a great friend to make because we can hang out at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, when both mommy's are d.o.n.e. for the day, and we can get back home quickly and easily in time to feed the boys supper! We have all become great friends! And bonus - the husbands get along as well :)

At Graham's house
Ascher's first birthday! Look how sweaty Sid is ;(
Sid and Kai at storytime

Sid loves Louis. We kept him for an entire week this summer when Grammy flew to DC to visit Yasha and Oliver. Just look how cute these two are together! 

We go to music every week and we both equally look forward to going. The teacher is amazing and Sid just loves every second we are there! He comfortable there and it's such a friendly, welcoming environment and we've grown to love our small little class.

He loves the bongo drum!
Peek-a-boo in the mirror!
Sid and Graham playing with the balls! That's Graham's mommy and baby sibling in the background ;)

Sid has only two teeth! Sounds crazy, I know. As a mother who is still nursing, I am extremely grateful that more teeth haven't made their appearance yet! He is a good eater even with only two teeth! He has become a bit more picky in that he wants to know what is going down the hatch before he opens wide.

We just couldn't love our Sidney Loyd any more. He truly is the light of each passing day.

Sometimes I lose my patience with him. Sometimes I want to just quit. Sometimes I wish he could just "GET IT!" - but when those moments hit, I try to look at him and remind myself that he is just trying to figure it all out. We have taught Sid how to take deep breaths with us. When he is frustrated because we can't get food quick enough to him, or if he doesn't want to lay on the changing table to get his diaper changed- we all try to take a step back and remind ourselves to breathe. And Sid partakes. It's the cutest thing you've ever seen, then everyone laughs and the mood is instantly lifted!

He is just so smart and his wheels are constantly turning, absorbing more information. He is a determined little boy who is full of love and snuggles (as long as your his mama ;)! There truly is no other love like the love for your children.

Weight: Around 23lbs
Height: Don't know exactly
Medical Issues: Allergic to egg
Naps: Still taking 2 a day. 8:30 or 9 for about 1.5 hrs. Then another 3-4 hours later for another 1.5 hrs.
Night Sleep: He has supper at 5, bath at 6:30, and bed by 7 (sometimes 7:30) and sleeps until 6 or 6:30.
Clothing Size: 18m
Diapers: BG 4.0 w/ cotton or bamboo inserts during the day / nighttime BG 4.0 w/ 3 bamboo inserts.
Diet: all vegetables, he has started liking fish, all fruit, tofu spaghetti. We have stayed away from dairy. He has had greek yogurt a few times, but cheese broke his face out - so not sure on that one yet. Oatmeal, blueberries, and avocado every single morning!  
Favorite Baby Gear: Anything he can hold and walk around wtih! He loves his stand up music table still, music b/c he loves to dance! His books. He loves pushing his lawnmowers and his little red wagon.
Personality: Oh so silly! He loves to "gonk" heads (essentially a very friendly little head but!), and dancing has become an all the time occurrence. 
Milestones/Firsts: Walking totally on his own, expanding vocabulary. He can now stand up in the middle of the floor by himself. Before he'd have to crawl to something to pull himself up.
Likes: Dancing! Eating or food, drinking our water, basically having anything that is ours, dogs, being outside, stacking blocks, putting things in and out (like laundry in a basket and back out), he loves it when we sing songs to him and he shakes his body asking for us to keep going if we stop. Favorite song is Wheels on the Bus.
Dislikes: When he can't figure something out. He loves putting lids on things, and tops on boxes, etc. When he can't do it, he gets really frustrated

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