Beadles Family Reunion 2015

The Beadles family had a reunion in Broken Bow, Oklahoma...and it was a BLAST! There was only one problem. We should've stayed longer! August in the south is rough, but we were blessed with slightly cooler temps which made our weekend extra enjoyable!

Shawn and Yasha flew into DFW on Friday. We picked them up and headed to Broken Bow.

Ready for takeoff at DCA!

We had to make a pit stop at Wataburger because we were all hungry for lunch!

Sid with Uncle Shawn
Yasha wanted in on the fun!

When we arrived to our cabin the smell of my mom's gumbo hit us smack in the face! I don't really like being hit in the face, unless it's with the smell of a delicious pot of seafood gumbo. Yuuuuumy! A weekend of family fun was just about to kick off and we were all ready!

We hosted the first night at our cabin. We got off to a really late start because it took most of the family a while to get to us since they had to make a stop at Walmart to get fishing gear for their early morning outing. I was thankful we were at our cabin because Sid was sound asleep in our room before the party started. I didn't have to worry about keeping him up late! It worked out great!

Party people!
Robbie, G-daddy, and Sid eating dinner before the rest of the crew arrived.

I decided around 11 it was time to kick everyone out :) No really, I did. But they all love me so it was ok, ha! We all had a long day ahead of us and we were all exhausted already!

Sean and I slept in the same room with Sid for the first time since he was born! AND, Sid hadn't slept in a pack-n-play since he was 5 months old (which didn't go very well back then!). Sid went to sleep like a champ that night (and the entire trip) thankfully. BUT - Sean and I on the other hand didn't sleep a wink on Friday night. Sid sleeps with white noise (ocean waves) every night. Well, due to our cabin being the entertaining spot for Friday night, I had cranked his white noise up extra loud. Oh my gosh, we saw every hour on the clock. Those waves. THOSE WAVES! Were so. gosh. darn. LOUD! I was too scared to turn it down for fear Sid would wake up. I was willing to risk my sleep for a well rested baby! Sean had to get up before the sun in order to go fishing with a few of the other men folk. When his alarm went off, I decided to get up also because I was so ready for the night to end!!! It wasn't long before Sid woke at 6. It was a rough night, but Sid was well rested, and for that, I was thankful! And even better...Sean caught a fish!

He really enjoyed fishing with Coach (Uncle Jim). He said the lake was so peaceful that early and getting to watch the sun come up was the icing on the cake.

Grammy and I played in the cabin with Yasha and Sid that morning.

Sid finishing up his breakfast
Walking with Grammy 
Playing with Yasha
Yasha loved the arcade game that was there!
Both of them, learning to share :)
Looking at the photo album of old family pictures that my mom made

At 11 we went to the lake to hop on the pontoon boat we had rented for 3 hours. Grammy was willing to stay behind with Sid so that Sean and I could go have some fun. I think my little busy body wore her out, but I am so thankful for the 3 hours I had away. (truth - I secretly really missed him and was so ready to see him when I got back! Pathetic. I know. Three hours away, and he was with MY MOM - but yep, still missed him!).

We had the best time on the lake. We were lucky to have gotten our own private cove! My uncle has a cabin in Broken Bow with a fishing boat and 2 super fast jet skis! We had the pontoon boat anchored, one jet ski for riding, and the other with Coach and Head Cheerleader (ie Uncle Jim & Suzanne) pulling people on the tube. For three hours straight, we were busy floatin', boozin', cruisin', and flyin' (off the tube!). The water temperature was perfect! Couldn't have asked for a more perfect day on the lake!

Shawn was the boat caption!
Sean, Boyd, Shawn, Yasha, Uncle Jim, Adam, Zach
Claire, me, and Yasha crusin' out to the cove
Jennifer, Christy, Carol, Claire, Me
Seriously, the fastest jet ski I've ever been on. SO FUN!
Photo through a plastic baggie - Christy didn't want to drop her phone in the water!
Adam and Christy floatin' in the lake :)
Yasha said he didn't enjoy riding because Papa drove too fast!
Off the boat, waiting to head back to the cabin

Three hours was the perfect amount of time on the lake. We were tired and ready to get back to our cabins to get rested up and ready for the fish fry later!

The Beadles and Pope crew had us to their place for a fish fry that evening. Boyd did an awesome job frying all the fish!

Lots of visiting
Uncle Jim and Shawn 
Aunt Mary watching Grammy entertain Louis, Robbie, and Sid!
Zach and Andrew were in heavy conversation with Yasha! 
Love my boys!
Claire, Jennifer, and Moi
Sid driving the boat! (ahem, it was on land - but don't tell him that!)
Me, Leslie-Anne, Christy

You might be wondering why we were all in tiger gear (really you shouldn't wonder because it's very likely to happen with this crew without a reason!). For our group photo, we wanted to all wear our TIGER shirts! Because the truth is, we all bleed purple and gold!!!!!

From the top left & down:
Aunt Mary, Uncle Jim & Suzanne, Adam & Christy, Sean & Sid,  Louis & Grammy, Claire, Carol, Me, Holland, Shawn & Yasha rockin' the overalls!
From the top right and down:
John, Robbie & Leslie-Anne, Boyd, Dean, Greg, Zach, Andrew, Jennifer

We have decided that Broken Bow will be our new tradition for the family reunions to come! Our hope is that the next time we are able to do it we will have even more family in attendance! It was truly a great weekend had by all. There is nothing better than good ole' family fun!

Yasha & Sid at Uncle Julio's for lunch on Sunday. Cute first cousins!

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