Colorado Bound...with NO KID!

Sean and I finally took the opportunity to take a trip alone for our friend Shelby's wedding! We hadn't even spent one night away from sweet little Sid since he was born...2 years ago!! It was time, and it went great! Grammy drove down and stayed with him for the 2 nights we were away.

We left for Denver before Sid woke up on Thursday morning.

We got to the airport early that morning. We wanted to make sure to leave before Sid saw us so that he wouldn't get upset. It worked like a charm, and I think this was the most UNstressed Sean and I have ever been traveling. We got there so early, we were able to sit and have breakfast in the airport before departing. Sean also needed to get a little work done. So he worked, and I read my book.

We landed in Denver, but then we had to drive to Estes Park. It was a little over an hour drive. But check out the scenery! And not to mention the weather was perfection!!! All of our friends were traveling in as well for the wedding.

Shelby and Ryan had a "rehearsal dinner" (there was no rehearsal - just a dinner & party!) on Thursday night. It was a fun night. We were all staying in the same condos, but many of us hadn't gotten a chance to see each other yet. I never got a headache from the altitude, but it definitely gave me sea legs for the 2 days we were there. I did a looooooooot of water drinking.

Husbandless - he had to run back to the condo to draw up an offer :)

We all retired early on Thursday night because the party location had to be shut down by 10. Since we were all staying in the same condos, we went back and did a little more hanging out before going to bed.

Hooper telling us all something EXTREMELY enlightening, I'm sure ;)
What's an after party w/o Totino's party pizzas!

The next morning, this was our view...

I decided I should move myself outside. It was the most peaceful morning I've had in a long time. The sound of the river, hot tea, and my book...all while wearing a North Face at 8am in June. I mean. Really.

We were the bottom unit. Paul & Natasha were above us.

 Sean had to work again that morning, but he did eventually join me outside for some relaxation.

Mike and Liz were right next door to us and we spent our entire trip with them. They live in Austin and we don't get to see them much, so it was really nice spending time with them. Friday morning, Mike cooked us breakfast before we headed into Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP)! Sean and I went on a Starbucks run for everyone while they cooked :)

We set out to drive to the highest point in RMNP after we ate. Liz unfortunately gets extremely car sick, so we didn't make it all the way up, but it did not matter. The views were spectacular regardless.

Sean and Mike figuring it all out!

This sign freaked me out! And to know we were still going up uP UP! Eeeesh!! The drive was seriously amazing. And we got to see cool animals along the way! Elk elk everywhere!

We eventually had to pull off for Liz. At that point, the boys set out to hike up this mountain, leaving Liz and I sitting in the car. She wasn't feeling well enough to get out of the car, so I decided to get out myself and do a little exploring for a nice photo op :)

They climbed to the top, then back down!

Once the boys came back down, Liz was feeling better and we were all able to walk through the snow a little to see the gorgeous mountains!

It was sooooo cold up there!!!!

It was really slippery walking up by myself. So I was very glad I had Sean to hang on to the second time I went walking in the snow!

After a quick stop in a gift shop at the bottom of the park, we grabbed lunch back in Estes before going back to the condo for a rest. We had to be ready for the wedding by 4 that afternoon.

Shelby's wedding day was beautiful. The venue was beautiful. She was beautiful!

Natasha & Paul, Sean & me, Mike & Liz
Lori, Liz, Me, Katie, Courtney, Natasha, & Shelly
The "Dallas" Crew with the bride!
It was a great night! We all had the best time being all together. Sean and I had an early flight out Saturday morning, so when the reception was over, we did not venture to the after party. We went back to our condo and went to bed! 5am came early! And as lovely of a time we had, there was one mama in particular that could not WAIT to get home to her baby! 

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