Sid's 2nd Birthday Party!

We kept Sid's party small. It was the weekend Sean and I got back from Colorado, and it was Claire's high school graduation. So there was lots going on.

I decided on a train theme! We invited his best friend, Graham, and the rest was the family. Adam and Christy drove over from Shreveport and my mom came down from Arkansas. The Austin crew tried to make it but due to travel complications, they didn't make it in time :(

I designed the invitations for the party. He was obsessed with them for a while :)


Sid and Uncle Adam played with his favorite toy in his room while the rest of us finished setting up for the party. Sid adores this cement mixer about as much as he adores his Uncle Adam!

I made a mexican chicken dish in the crock pot and then we ordered rice, beans, tortillas, and the rest of the fixins' from our favorite local mexican restaurant for the food. Rice and beans is BY FAR Sid's favorite food! It was a no brainer :) I spent the most time coming up with a yummy, egg free/dairy free cake that would taste good to everyone! After testing several different recipes I finally found a good one. The food was good, and so was the company :)

I made the cake topper based off of his invitation
"Graham, this is MY Rice & Beans!"
Opening his art easel from his DC family :)
Liking the card Nana & Grandpa gave him

It was such a fun day. It was super NOT stressful for some reason. We gave ourselves plenty of time to get things ready and it was simply perfect. I know Sid had a great time, and that's really all that matters :)

Sid got a good nap after his party, and then woke up and played with his new gift from Grammy, with Grammy!

The next day was his actual birthday! We started the morning with giving Sid his big gift from us and making him his favorite vegan blueberry pancake breakfast!

He got a balance bike! He was pretty super excited, even though we haven't done much riding it yet.

Lookin' good little bug!
We love you, Sidney Loyd! Happy 2nd Birthday!!!

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