a little over a year ago, my boy and i (yes, i live in sin) moved into a new apartment. this tiny little place is perfect for us. i love it love it. it's small, but oh so cozy. besides the lack of space (more like lack of storage) all is great with one MAJOR exception....NO CELL SERVICE!!

my boy is in real estate and works from home. he has to leave his cell outside on the patio so that he can hear it ring. for me it's very funny seeing him constantly jumping up from the table to run out the door to answer his phone :)

me? well, i don't so much NEED cell service in the apartment...but i'm a girl, and what girl doesn't want her life line, at ALL times??!! thank you. my days off are monday/tuesday every week which normally consist of me doing laundry, going grocery shopping, catching up on my shows, and playing on the internet. i hate my days off because i never have anyone to hang out with since i don't have a normal weekend :( and i'm not one for a lot of alone time (right, e?)!

last week with work, i had a huge problem arise with a client coming in and no one could reach me (they failed to remember i have a home number--which is a whole other issue). due to no one remembering to call my home number, i lost 1/2 of a HUGE sale! (i work retail and get paid 100% commission).

now the good part of the story...today...not only did i figure out how to do a call forward from my cell to my home number, we also got long distance AND caller ID! before, we had a land line, but no long distance because we were not interested in paying for it. but now....WE ARE CONNECTED!!

PS ... if any of you are in the DFW metroplex and are looking for a home, hit me up and i'll pass you along to my boy, sean. he'd love to help!


Mrs. Cup said...

Yay for technology! (Most of the time...) :)

Mrs. Stilettos said...

Whoohoo!! Get your blog on girl!

Jaded Jill said...

i live in SIN too :)