i need to vent.

wednesday is my monday, awful!
i work wednesday through sunday. if there is one thing in life at the moment that brings me down it is my job!
i would love to find a new job one of these days (soon).

when i leave work at 5 on sundays, i'm usually quite annoyed that i had to work all weekend while everyone else was out with friends watching football, or shopping, or getting manis and pedis, just anything but working. sure, i get days to do those things as well, but not with my friends! not like a normal person...AH!

so anyway, i work at an up-market, high end contemporary italian furniture store as a design consultant. i am 100% commission (gagg)!! with the economy, we haven't been doing as horrible as one might think, but we haven't been doing awesome either. over thanksgiving, my entire family came to dallas b/c if they didn't, i wouldn't have been able to spend the holiday with them b/c i only had the one day off of work. everyone rolled into town on wednesday night and we all went to dinner when i got off work at 7. then thursday...YAY! i was off work! next comes friday...while my entire family hung out all day, watched LSU football (sad story this season :( !! ), ate, drank, played, danced, cooked, all those fun things!...you guessed it, i had to work! friday was SOOOOO SLOW! black friday is NOT meant for furniture and we should all be closed! needless to say, i was in the worst mood possible for the remainder of the weekend b/c we were just dead and yet we all had to be here working, while not getting paid (that whole commission thing!).

so my weekend finally rolls around and i didn't do anything but get my eyebrows waxed,start this crazy blog world thing!, and laundry. my main focus was to get out of my funk b/c it's very hard to spark new business when you are feeling blah about what you do. i watched movies, tv shows, SATC (sex and the city)...anything to help cheer me up! last night (tuesday night) all i could think about was how i was going to show up at work today, on my monday, and be positive...think positive, act positive, and stay motivated (ha, and here i am writing a blog). "it's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life for me...and i'm feeling good!" (michael buble) all was going well, until now...it's 5p, and i have only helped ONE customer today! ONE CUSTOMER!!! and...i am here until 7! are you kidding me?

i need motivation! does anyone else have days like this? if so, what do you do to get out of the mood?


Mrs. Cup said...

Go home and have a glass of wine....or two! :)

Shorty said...

I play some uppity tunes! The other day I had to eat lunch alone in the break room (I was late getting to lunch that day)so I played Shake It by Metro Station over and over on my iphone while I was in there. It helped me keep my spirits up until I could side track myself after lunch with something else. So, I recommend playing some groovy tunes!

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

i feel like this every day and my mood never changes. i'm debbie downer, but i don't care. i leave work at work and forget about it at home.