what would you do?

Remember back at the first of the year, after lots of searching, I said Sean and I finally found the perfect place to go for our honeymoon?  Well....looks like things might be changing!

I am a trip advisor addict!  I can't stop.  I should probably stop, but I just can't!

So, the place we have chosen is a boutique hotel w/ all-inclusive.  The all-inclusive is a new option they have come up with back in January I believe.  Here's the problem...the reviews are starting to go down hill, and down hill and down hill.  Apparently they do not have the staff to keep up with the demand of all of their customers.  I think word has gotten out about this place, and it's hurting it!  It's not such a private, hidden little fantasy anymore.   Their are kids EVERYWHERE and if there is a wedding, forget any service at all, basically.  How can a place go from TOP NOTCH (like, I'm not kidding, not ONE bad thing said about it, other than the beds are too firm) to almost every review complaining!

We have options...we can still cancel our room reservation.  We have 2 tickets flying into Cancun, MX.  So, really, we can go anywhere that is driving distance from Cancun.  There is an Excellence Resort just down the beach from our first hotel option.  It actually has the same owner as 1st option, but it is a large, adults only all-inclusive.  Not the smaller, boutique style we were wanting.

So what would you do?  Would you stick to your original plan (and wait over 30 mins for 1 drink?!) or would you switch to the larger, more crowded, but great service resort?  The rooms are almost identical, so we aren't giving anything up other than a more quiet place...



USCEmily said...

Hey Catherine! I hope you are well- I found you via Erin's blog.
We're planning a honeymoon right now, too, and I read trip advisor religiously, to the point that I freak myself out about every resort based on one or two bad reviews. But, if this one is getting consistently bad reviews, I'd ditch it.
I have heard great things about the Excellence Playa Mujeres. We had friends who went there for their honeymoon in March of last year,and they absolutely loved it. It was on our list for possible locations until we nixed Mexico all together because my fiance went on his first honeymoon there.

Kelly Downey said...

This is tough! I guess my best advice is to go with your instincts. I would like to put my two cents in and say I ALWAYS prefer the boutique smaller hotels. Nothing worse than a crowded place where you can't even get a lounge chair by the pool. We've been to Mexico 3 times now and our vote is smaller, more personal. Maybe you could call the hotel and explain your concern and see what their direct feedback is. Maybe they're working on some things?? FYI- got a 15% off Sephora coupon to use next Monday!

Adam said...

Catherine.... Seriously, I'm pretty sure that Idaho is still open for business and they probably still have great potatoes from what I hear!

I'm sure you'll figure it out. I have faith in you .