Cloudy, Rainy, Beautiful Day!

1.  I spent the weekend in Houston.  I drove down Thursday and SP came on Friday.  We enjoyed a pretty quiet weekend with my parents.  I was able to go to my dad's doctor appointments on Friday.  He is definitely making progress.  Slowly, but surely, and that's what is important!  We watched TV, played yahtzee, watched my dad draw new planter creations with my house in mind, and enjoyed the crazy spring-like weather.

2.  Saturday night SP and I met up with a very old friend of mine, Chris.  We met for drinks at Little Woodrows in Rice Village.  It was a beautiful early evening, so we were able to sit outside, which I love!  After a few Stella's, we walked around the corner to Pasha.  It's a restaurant that SP randomly spotted and decided he wanted to try.  He is always keeping a watchful eye for the next whole-in-the-wall  to try.  We were glad he spotted this one!  It was sooo good.  Turkish food.  After dinner, we went back to Woodrows, for another round or two fo Stella!


3.  We didn't leave Houston until 3ish Sunday afternoon.  We arrived in downtown Ft. Worth around 7.  We were both hungry, we stopped at one of our favorite places, Yucatan Taco Stand.  Another perfect evening to sit outside and enjoy a quiet dinner together.

4.  I got to have dinner last night with Kelly & Jenn.  Jenn and I drove to Dallas and met Kelly at Gloria's.  Always good to catch up with your besties.  We decided we are going to kick SP out of the house one night in March so we can have a slumber party.  Drink too much wine and watch continuous episodes of SATC :)

5.  Last week, SP and I went wireless!  With our printer that is :)  We can print from anywhere in the house, and from any device..iPhone, iPad...it's so cool!  The other morning, I surprised SP with a sweet note coming off the printer while I was still laying in bed.  I'm pretty sure he thought I was still sleeping.  It was pretty funny when all of a sudden the printer started mysteriously printing :)  Sneaky sneaky!

6.  We've spent a lot of time lately researching dishwashers.  Ours is Terrible, with a capital T!  And it sounds like a freight train is coming through our living room, which completely sucks b/c it's hard to hear the TV over it!  We finally pulled the trigger and our new one should be here any minute!  YAY!

7.  No, we still do not have our bed that we ordered back in August from C&B.

8.  I painted my toenails red yesterday.  Normally I leave the brighter colors for spring/summer, but with this weather, I stay so confused that I felt like maybe I should just go with it?

9.  I would looooooooove some King Cake!!!

10.  SP and I are planning a road trip to CO in May!  Red Rocks...Zac Brown....SOOOOOO excited!!!!

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