This past weekend felt like it went on forever...in a good way :) On Friday, SP cooked us a deliciously simple dinner of chicken with sautéed mushrooms and onions with a side of cous-cous. While he cooked, I made us bourbon and gingers :)
After dinner we went to Bronson Rock to watch the Cotton Bowl with our friend, Tom. We ended up running into a few other friends, which is always nice :)

Saturday Ryan and Melanie came over with their two little ones, Embry and Cera. We drank a little and ate snacky foods. The weather was beautiful so Sean cleaned off the patio for us to enjoy :)
They left around 3, and SP and I found ourselves incredibly lazy the remainder of the afternoon. We watched a few movies and then picked up take-out :) I was started to feel under the weather, so I wanted some warm soup and an egg-roll.
My that evening I had to write my mom and dad that I wasn't going to be able to make it to Houston for my dad's feeding tube surgery bc I had a sore throat. Shoot, I really was hoping to be there :(
Sunday I didn't do a darn thing. Laid on the couch alllllllll day nursing my cold, while Sean cooked me homemade chicken & rice soup. Yum.

Even though the weekend ended with me getting sick, it was still nice and relaxing. Just the way we like it!

I don't know what my hair is doing in this picture!

Table set w/ mismatched china plates my mom gave me when I got married :)

Snacks :)

Me, Baby Cera, and Melanie

Me.  Sick (and yes, my Christmas tree is still up!)

Relaxing.  SP cooking chicken & rice soup in the kitchen :)

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