Is There Life Out There?

I have been home.  Like, have not left the house.  Since SUNDAY!  It is now FRIDAY!  Being sick is no fun :(  I am finally feeling like I've got this cold kicked, minus the obvious sinus/allergy that is constantly attacking me!  I have done more TV watching this week then I care to admit.  Yesterday I decided I was going to try and do a little more to try to get some energy back.  I did 3 loads of laundry (only sheets and towels b/c those are easy to put away :) ) and even loaded and reloaded the dishwasher.  I'm sure the hubs appreciated that.  We have cooked a lot of good food this week.  We made yummy shrimp and pasta with artichokes and garlic sauce on Wednesday.  YUM!  That night, I had to leave the bedroom around 12 b/c I couldn't stop coughing!  SP had a big day on Thursday showing 1.5 million dollar homes, so I wanted him to get his rest and not be kept up by my yucky dry cough all night.  SO...I grabbed my pillow and headed towards the living room for the sofa.  I needed some more time infront of the TV (ha! right!).  By 12:30 I decided to go make myself cozy in the guest room.  Before doing so, I was busy googling exactly this, "How to stop a cough so I can sleep!"  Everything I was reading kept talking about whiskey and Hot Toddy's.  I am determined to kick this sickness in an all natural way, so I grabbed the whiskey and started mixing :)  My dad has always told me that his parent's (who were not drinkers) would fix these drinks to feel better when they were sick.  I wonder if they fixed them in mason jars, too?  Anyway, it worked!  My throat was instantly coated and quickly into lala land I drifted :)  Bottoms up!

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