Bon Jovi!

Thursday, around 3 o'clock I got a text from my cousin...

I processed it for a few minutes and then jumped on the opportunity!  I am so glad I did.  We had a blast!

I got ready and headed up to Flower Mound.  I of course listened to Bon Jovi on my drive up!  She took Andrew and Zach to Cici's pizza before leaving for the show.  I got to their house before they got back home, so I let myself in and treated myself to a beer and a little patio time :)

We jumped in her car once she got home and picked up her friend Jeannie down the street.  The husbands were supposed to go, but ended up not being back in town from their work trip.  I'm sorry for the Gregs (Jeannie's husband is also named Greg), but not too sorry b/c I got to go instead :)

We met a few other friends of theirs at the show.  They played at the American Airlines Center.  Jennifer told me to close my eyes as she quickly got us to the AAC, parked, and in our seats!  She is a crazy driver (I say this with love, of course!)  Just as we were getting out of the car, I asked her if she had our tickets!  THANK GOODNESS I ASKED HER!  She was about to leave them in the car! AND, they decided that since I was the youngest that they would have volunteered me to run back to the car to get them.  Phew!

The show started and we were pumped!  Our seats were just right up off the floor, right in the center!  Only downside was that we were in the middle of the row.  See that beer in my hand...yea, you get my point!

My $18 wine.  The entire bottle is approx. $16.  Thanks AAC!

I told my mom that I would text her a picture of Jon when we got there!  Well, my cousin decided it would be really funny if we texted her this picture of him as well!  This was also the picture that she and her friend Jeannie flashed me in the car on the way there, just in case I wasn't aware of "how hot Jon is!"...ha!!

My mother of course replied with, "Oh my!"...HA!  Jennifer laughed so hard!

ANYWAY...back to the show....Here are a few videos I took.  In the second one, I'm pretty sure all you hear is Jennifer talking to me.  Go figure :)

He sounded great and was very entertaining.  He sang all the hits!  My favorite that he sang was Someday I'll be Saturday Night!  He even threw in a little old school rock'n'roll, with Bob Segar's Old Time Rock and Roll!  It was really a great night!

3 hours later...show over!
Afterwards, we walked to the W Hotel for one last quick drink and some dancing before heading back to the burbs.

Dripping chandeliers + cowboy wallpaper in the same room!

The crew minus the boys!  I was being fancy...yoga pose!

Thanks Jennifer for thinking of me and allowing me to be spontaneous :)  Let's do it again, and keep on Livin' On A Prayer!

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