Easter Weekend

My mom and dad stayed with us last Thursday through Saturday.  We always have a great time together, and SP and FLT love to roll their eyes at my mother and I when we attempt to do anything together b/c we end up laughing uncontrollably!

- Thursday - 

We didn't do a whole lot.  They arrived mid-afternoon from Houston, so we just relaxed at home until time to go eat mexican food, at my dads request :)  My dad snoozed, SP worked, and my mom and I talked.

- Friday - 

Thursday, during dinner (isn't that where you, too, think of what you want for your next meal?  HA!), my dad remembered a local diner we took him to for breakfast once when they were here.  So Friday morning that's what we did.  We went to Joe's Coffee Shop for waffles, pancakes, eggs, and bacon!  The place was packed b/c so many people were off work for Good Friday :)

After breakfast, SP went to show houses, FLT came home and snoozed, and my mom and I got busy sewing!

I have been needing a body pillow cover for my bed.  I never could find a fabric that I liked, so I ended up finding a shower curtain that I loved.  I decided it would match our bedroom perfectly!  I am not the best stitcher, so I was glad my mom was around to help me on this project.  Even though we of course laughed ourselves silly while trying to compute the measurements.  I swear you'd think it was rocket science!
Close up of the pillows
My stripes aren't totally lined up, but I don't really care :)  It works for me!

After sewing, my dad decided he was ready for an afternoon snack.  We went for frozen yogurt!

Can you tell we are related? {noses}
Then, my mom and I headed to Central Market and FLT headed back home.  He had planned on doing the grocery store trip, but somewhere between his last bite of yogurt and walking to the car, he pushed that task off on us, ha!  We didn't mind, even though it was cutting in on our shopping time for my bedding!  She helped me find a new quilt, throw, and a few new throw pillows for my bed.  Thanks mom :)

Dinner was a beautiful disaster.  We tried to transition a chicken recipe into one with shrimp.  Let's just say it wasn't my moms fault that the recipe turned out absolutely terrible and leave it at that.  We ordered chinese, turned on Zero Dark Thirty, and forgot all about our cooking experience :/

- Saturday - 

We woke up and headed to Shreveport!  My Uncle Jim and Suzanne were preparing a yummy spaghetti dinner for all of us that night.  But, before that, we were treated to Hickory Stick by my brother at his house.  We all look forward to being back home and eating our favorites while there, Hickory Stick being one of them!

After lunch, we headed to my Uncle's house.  My friend (and bridesmaid) from college had just built a house across the street from my Uncle on the Red River. This house was something to see, and everyone has been dying to tour it!  Lauren was so sweet and let us all parade through her brand new house, WITH a sleeping baby!  Check this thing out...

Side 1 (sorry it's so dark)
Side 2
It is absolutely beautiful.  They were inspired by the architect, A. Hays Town.  I didn't take pictures of the inside b/c I thought that'd we sort of weird, ha!  But, let me just tell you.  Stone, brick, raw timber wood, gas chandeliers, view of the river, a guest house, a 2 story boat house, a urinal, crocodile ceramic tile, double walk through shower, subway tiles.  Pure beauty.  She did such an amazing job!  I can't wait to go stay with them this summer and take a ride on the river and lay out on their boat deck :)  I do have one picture that she sent me during the building process just to give you the feel.  Just think classy hunters lodge (which, her husband is an avid hunter/outdoorsman).

After the tour, I stayed and visited and all the other lookers walked back over to my Uncle's house.  SP had his fantasy baseball draft that he needed to get back for.  

It was so nice just being with family that day.  Uncle Jim and Suzanne have a new beautiful house as well, that is so accommodating and comfortable for us all to gather in. We sat around visiting while Suzanne prepped the spaghetti.  My Aunt Vida and my cousin Jim joined us as well.  

SP and I stayed with Adam and Christy, so we headed home around 9.  We sat in their living room talking and laughing for a few hours.  It felt good to unwind.  

- Sunday -

Happy Easter :)

Suzanne had us all over for a quick breakfast before hitting the road!  She made delicious orange-cranberry scones!  

SP and I were in a hurry to leave because of the storm brewing!  We drove through about 30 minutes of a terrible storm that involved hail!!  AH!

We made it home safe and sound.  My parents however, were not so lucky!  They ended up staying in Shreveport one more night before heading to their home in Arkansas.  

It was a great few days just being together.  Family is so important during times like these.  

Happy Friday everyone :) 
Tonight, SP and I are going to Flower Mound to eat Mexican w/ the cousins!  I have put myself on a 1 margarita MAXimum.  HA, yea I know.  Stay tuned :)

Also - my dad is undergoing his new chemo treatment as I type...

AMEN, Mom!  

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