Mountain Time!

Last Wednesday SP and I decided it was time to head to the mountain (aka...The Escarpment...aka...my parent's house)!  We weren't able to leave until Saturday. We woke up bright and early thinking we would be on the road early.  I don't know what it is, but we never get out on time!  It was almost 10 before we were headed out of town.  It was a bea-u-ti-ful day for a road trip!  6 hours in the car went by really fast.  We put Willie Nelson on pandora and drove along through the roads of TX, OK, and AR.  I always make SP listen to country when we are driving in the country :)  Seems fitting, right?

It was race weekend at TX Motor Speedway, so SP was smart when he quickly remembered this and took us an alternate route from 35.  Too bad the alternate route was probably worse!  We sat on Southlake Blvd for nearly 25 minutes while they merged all traffic into one lane trying to get onto 114.  SHEESH!
We were starving before we even made it out of TX!

I love these roads.  They make you remember what things look like without big concrete buildings piled up everywhere.

We drove up the drive around 4 o'clock!

The Escarpment

Upon arrival, SP and I scoped out everything because we always like to see what all has changed since our last visit.  They got new carpet and a chair recovered!  My moms tulips were all opened up, too!

That old washtub will soon be full of something beautiful trailing out of it :)

My mom planned on mahi lettuce wraps with pineapple and mango salsa for dinner.  My dad requested some sweet potato fries to go along with it.  And we also made a blue cheese slaw.  Now, I realize these flavors might sound a little strange together, but when you have someone who needs lots of variety due to taste buds being fouled up, you do what you gotta do!  And we all loved it :)  The best part was that we sat outside on their side deck :)  Weather and company couldn't have been better!

Finally, we made it to the sofa for some much needed r and r :)

My mom brought out warm cookies and coffee for dessert :)

The next morning, we made english muffins with poached eggs and canadian bacon, cooked in the cast iron of course :)

Later on we ventured out to Lowe's (my dads favorite place on earth I think!) to buy some plants.  Visited with some friends that stopped by the house.   We quickly FaceTimed with Yasha.  We moved some furniture around.  We sat around watching the masters.  

Well, I thought THEY were watching the masters :)

Around 6 we headed to the Reynold's for dinner.  Jim and Deb always have SP and I over when we are in town to cook fried shrimp and steak!  Jim knows I love fried shrimp and always insists on me eating way more than I need to, & I never turn it down :)

Fried shrimp and wine out of a vintage wine glass :)

Deb is an artist.  An amazing one at that!  Her house is full of french antiques and she is constantly rearranging it!  

This is over their dining table.  It is so big and heavy they had to get
their house reinforced to hold it!

Unfortunately before dinner, my dad started to not feel very well and my parents decided it would be a good idea if they went home.  We all totally understood and decided SP and I would stay for dinner and Jim would drive us home after.  My mom said when they got home, my dad was already feeling better and hand a big handful of strawberries :)  This made us all very happy :)  SP and I took my mom a plate of leftovers that she enjoyed!

Love their patio!
This is the music they had playing while we sat around eating shrimp and drinking wine.
I loved this CD so much, that I took a picture to remember it :)
Jim doesn't know he is in the picture, whoops!
But the table was too pretty to not snap a photo!
Deb made coconut and banana pies!

These are their dogs!  Sally and Johnny be Good.  I couldn't get a picture of him b/c food was out.  He wouldn't lift his head for fear he might miss a crumb on the floor!

Monday my mom and I got out and did a little shopping while we left the boys at home working in the yard.  It was so nice driving up the driveway and seeing those two together outside doing what they both love best!

He was so happy sitting outside behind his barn :)

It was a great day.  They even got my mom and I out helping!  We moved all his plants out of the greenhouse for the season :)  I ran errands for them, my mom went into work for an hour, then we came home and relaxed before dinner.  We cooked turkey breast wrapped in bacon, salad, and french bread.  I for some reason didn't get a picture :(  We all love The Voice, so we enjoyed watching that during dinner.

Tuesday morning SP and I headed back home.  We love it up there so much, I know we will be back soon!

Some other pretty pictures I took.  These are just down the street from my parents house :)

And last but not least...here is a picture of SP freezing!

I covered him up with pillows :)
I'm such a good wife, haha!

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