Busy Busy!

Setting the scene from last week: 

We got back from Arkansas on Tuesday.  On Wednesday, we were on a mission to find SP the perfect fitting suit for our Gala event on Friday!

1.  We walked into Banana and found the perfect fitting suit!  I mean, this thing fits him like a glove.  And did I mention it didn't even need to be tailored?  And did I mention our event was on Friday and there was really no way we would have gotten a suit ready for him on such short notice?  And did I mention WE GOT LUCKY! We found the suit, the belt, and shoes.  Only, the shoes did not fit.  So I called around to some other stores and found his size.  YAY!

2.  Thursday morning we drove to Highland Village to get his shoes!  I love these shoes, don't you? :)

Me being silly :)

He bought them in both black and brown!  We also found a tie for him.  And I found a belt and bracelet to match my black dress and yellow purse :)  FINALLY!  Our outfits were both complete, yay!  

Belt not pictured.  But it was a tiny gold leather belt.

3.  After going overboard at Banana, we were driving home and stumbled upon this tiny italian bistro.  We decided to try it out.  We were the only people in the restaurant.  We were ok with this and it suddenly took us both back to our travels through Europe (solo trips before we ever met).  Now I'm going to reminisce for a bit.  In Europe, you don't have all the chain places you have in the states.  I can remember strolling along with friends and getting hungry and just randomly stopping off into small cafés and bistros.  Not having a clue what we were in for.  These tiny places have turned into some of the best memories.  The servers usually don't speak English, so you are having to order something you THINK, is something  that it probably isn't.  Anyway.  We enjoyed our lunch very much :)  

Eggplant Parm and Baked Ziti

4.  Thursday evening a friend that SP works with texted him asking if we would like to go to Bronson Rock to hear a Stevie Ray Vaughn cover band.  It was a cold night and we about froze out there!  But it was fun and the band was really good!

Sorry for the blurry pic

Whisky is my WINTER drink...yes, it's APRIL!

Texas Flood - the band

5.  Friday night was the Keller ISD Inspirational Gala.  Sean's work sponsored a table at the event and his boss invited SP and I as one of her 4 couple guests :)

Another blurry pic :(  Must be time for a new phone (hint hint, SP!)

This is SP's boss, Carolyn and her husband Barney.
They are so much fun!

I wanted a picture infront of this sign :)

And SP wanted me to take a picture with this sign, haha!

6.  On Saturday, I met my good friend Melanie in Flower Mound for lunch.  Mel and I haven't seen each other in so long.  

We stayed at Anamia's for 4.5 hours!!!  Ha!  Who knew we could talk that much (joke!).  We drank margaritas, ate yummy table side guacamole, and talked and talked like good friends do.  We eventually got around to ordering lunch.  I think our waitress gave up on us trying to order b/c we kept telling her we weren't ready yet!

Sean had a client appointment in Flower Mound at 1.  He was just finishing up around 3:30, so he ended up coming by for a beer and lunch, shocked we were still there!  Ryan was super jealous that he got stuck home with their kiddos, whoops!

7.  So...SP and I didn't get home until 5.  Did I mention we had plans to meet Cole and Shemele at 5:30 to head downtown?  I'm sure you can guess what happened next....

Umm, husband...we need to get ready....ummm, HELLO??

It only went downhill from there....

Passed out.  

I ended up leaving him at home while I went to dinner with The Hodges.  We ate at Fred's Texas Cafe and then walked across the street to Capital Bar for a friends surprise 30th birthday!  SP woke up and met us just in time for the surprise :) YAY!

It just sounded good :)

Jon's wife (the bday boy), Autumn, had planned on a bar crawl!  So after Capital, we walked to Bar Louie.  They have an awesome rooftop!  I want to go back there!

Terrible picture!  But we were photo bombed by our server, haha!

8.  So since SP slept through dinner, by the time we left the last bar (Reservoir) he was hungry.  I did what any good wife would do and suggested we go to his favorite anytime late night place...Waffle House, people!

He has started ordering my dad's special.  If anyone knows Waffle House and their menu, it is my father.  So SP got his hash browns smothered, covered, diced, chopped, peppered...and whatever else they can do to them that I'm leaving out!  I got my usual... hash browns and a ham and cheese omelet (since I apparently needed to eat again!).

9.  Sunday we didn't do much.  He had to work a little.  It was a gorgeous day so later in the afternoon we got outside and did some much needed yard work!

Birdie hanging out in our tree ;)

SP surprised me with a plant for this pot that we brought home with us from my dad's barn last weekend!  I love them both so much.

So that's that.  We were busy busy!

Last night we went to a yoga class, which was long overdue!  We both thoroughly enjoyed it.

My final picture is of my dad last Friday.  After getting some good news from the Dr., they went to his favorite sushi place in a gas station.  That's right.  They even have chopsticks with his name on them he's been eating there for so long.

Hope your Tuesday is going fabulous.  Unfortunately, my parents are heading to see Dr. Bradford again right now, unexpectedly,  for some issues my dad is having. Please keep us in your prayers, folks.

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