Dallas, x 2!

We had a great weekend!  It started Thursday night when Shelby came in town from Colorado.  We were supposed to get together with everyone, but due to it being a Thursday night, it was just SP, Shelby, and I.  She was nice and met us halfway in Colleyville for dinner at JR's Grill.

On Friday, we went to dinner with Jack and Sheryl in Keller at Café Medi!  This is a Mediterranean/Greek restaurant that has been around for years.  Only, not in Keller.  It's actually the restaurant where SP took me to meet his parents for the first time...ever!  The original location is at least 25 minutes away.  Jack and Sheryl went there a few weeks ago, and when they looked at the cover of the menu, it said "New Location: Old Town Keller"...WOW!  We all couldn't wait to try it!

We were so happy to see it packed!  There have been so many different restaurants go in and out of this building.  We sure hope this one sticks!  The food was just as good as the original.  We are soooo excited!!!!  They even have a huge back patio where you can smoke hookahs!

Chicken Souvlaki w/ Veggies, Rice, & Green Beans

On Saturday, I drove up to Flower Mound to play "embroidery" with my cousin, Jennifer!  We got an itch to make some LSU hats for the game this weekend!  We went to Hobby Lobby and found these hats.  They are pretty dorky, so we took a picture and sent it to our husbands asking them if we were cool?

OH, and PS - we never got our hats made, HA!

Saturday evening we drove to Dallas to Komali for Cooper's 30th birthday (Alison's brother-in-law). Komali was voted Best Margarita in Dallas.  And I must say, they were sooo tasty!

Birthday boy, Cooper & his wife Lauren :)
Squash Blossom Quesadillas
Chicken w/ Mole & Black Beans
TX Red Fish with Peaches
Tamarind Margarita (my fav)

After dinner we went to the Gingerman for one quick drink, in the heat, so we could get sweaty, and hot, and gross, and SWEATY...before hitting the road back to Ft. Worth (and don't worry, SP only had 2 drinks the entire night).

On Sunday, we got in a cleaning mode!  It all started when we went to hide a few wires in our living room.  We noticed how dusty our baseboards were!  So, then this happened...

SP w/ the ShopVac

After some good deep cleaning, we showered and headed back to Dallas.  This time we went to the Hooper's for dinner!  The whole gang was there, and it was really good to see everyone, as I hadn't seen the majority of this group since before summer!

Sean, Me, Hooper, Kelly, Brad, Jaimie, Jonathan
Ryan, Melanie, Shelby, Lori, and Baby Ian 
Kelly, Lori, Shelby, Me, Melanie
Aaron and Lori moved into a new house this summer, so we enjoyed getting to see it. We are going to try and start a supper club once a month...fingers crossed it'll stick!  SP and I are supposed to host in September. We are going to do a cajun theme!  I love preparing a menu and I'm already thinking about it!  Did I mention they are coming at the very end of September, ha!

Last but not least...I just have to share this funny picture!  My little 4 yr old neighbor Brynlee loooooves to text message me!  One night, SP thought it would be funny to dress up and send her this picture!  

Gotta love him :)

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