Me & My Mom on the Mountain!

Where were we...hopefully you read my previous post or you might be lost!

I think we left off with me dropping my mom off at work on Thursday (the day my cousins and aunt left).  Remember me saying the roads were flooded and they couldn't leave until the afternoon?  Check out these pictures of how powerful the flood was!

See all the debris under the bridge?
The water destroyed this farm gate
...and pushed this fence over!  

I picked my mom up at 5 and we met a few friends (Janie and Becky) at the Press Room on the square. They have really good cocktails, coffee, and appetizers!

Tom Collins, yum!

After a few drinks, we thought it'd be fun to go eat somewhere for dinner!  We walked through downtown Bentonville, stopping to window shop of course :)  We ate at a new little italian restaurant called Tavola.  It was very tasty :)  I ordered cavatappi with pesto and shrimp!

It was a lovely evening.  We went home and watched So You Think You Can Dance before bed :)

On Friday, my mom worked until noon.  When she came home, we fixed bacon and tomato sandwiches and then carried ourselves upstairs to clean our a few closets!  We got a lot done and I know it made her feel good to be able to check some things off of her to-do list!  We cleaned out the guest room closet and some of my dad's closet. Around 4:30, we loaded the car up and took a load to Helping Hands for donation.  

We found an old box of my grandfather's (my dad's dad).  I found these things that I liked very much...

My grandparents, back when they were just dating.  Look how happy they are  :) 
That's my grandfather on the right.  Seriously, stud!
A magazine clipping that I'm sure my grandmother cut out for him.

After dropping our donations off, we hit the grocery store to buy stuff for our simple chalupa dinner and also for Saturday night b/c we invited the Reynold's and the Peterson's over for dinner.

Friday evening we fixed our dinner and then settled in with a good movie...

I'm pretty sure after the movie was over, we found something sweet to eat and then watched Project Runway.  We went to bed relaxed and happy :)

Saturday morning we woke up and enjoyed our coffee, then started dinner prep for the evening!  We made Nutella pie with strawberries, Spinach stuffed chicken breasts, salad, and garlic bread.  It all turned out so good!   We asked the guests to bring the appetizers.  Jim brought me my absolute favorite, fried shrimp :) And Alicia made artichoke dip.  All delicious!

I can't believe I didn't get a picture of the meal!    I forgot to photograph this because I had probably had a few too many Scarlet O'Haras at this point :/  

In between dinner prep and company arriving, we did yard work and cleaned the house!  We were very tired by the end of this day.  I raked up the grass that my mom cut on the mower.  OH, and I learned how to drive the tractor :)  I definitely think this is the way to go.  SP, I will start mowing our yard if you get me one of these!

Sunday morning came, and it was time for me get packed up.  My mom fixed me this yummy breakfast (excuse the paper plate!) of dippin eggs!

I helped her do a few more things around the house, then we headed off to the airport.  It was hard saying goodbye, but it helps knowing I will see her again at my house in a few short weeks to watch the LSU v TCU game!

Thanks for a great weekend, mom!  I love you and can't wait to do it again!  Maybe next time SP will join, as well as some brothers, so we can knock some more things off of your to-do list!  :) :)

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