Where have I been?  Not motived to blog apparently!  Not to worry, you know me...I have plenty of pictures to track what we've been up to around here :)  I am not sure what I ever did without my iPhone's camera!

July ended with Sean not feeling well :(  I made him 2 yummy soups to help him feel better.  He was having trouble with swallowing, pain in his esophagus.  It was no fun, but he is all better now :)

I got to go on a last minute trip to visit my mom on the mountain!  My cousin Jennifer and her boys have been wanting to get up there before school started. Jennifer drove me, her boys Andrew & Zach, my Aunt Mary up to Arkansas!  We had such a great visit and I'm pretty sure my mom enjoyed having a house full for a few days :)

She greeted the ladies with Scarlet O'Hara cocktails and veggie shooters!  For dinner she made delicious chicken enchiladas with black beans!

We were soooo lazy!  Literally not getting out of our pj's until afternoon each day!  My mom worked until noon everyday, except for Tuesday.  She took that day off because it was Zachary's 11th birthday!!  The weather was a little crummy, as in wet and cloudy, so that put a damper on being able to do too much outside.  We still managed to have a great time, though :)  We got to see a movie, eat at The Station on the square, see a cool art installation all lit up at night, visit Crystal Bridges, make pizza, brave a crazy storm that flooded the roads, eat hibachi, bake a birthday cake, watch the history of LSU...and managed to get in lots of good visiting :)

Watching the history of LSU
Zach's birthday present from Aunt Linda and me...my dad's old helmet!
He fell in love with this thing, so funny!
Zach wearing his helmet to protect him from the storm, ha! 
Beautiful temperatures!
Droooooool!!!  The famous green cheetos tub!
At Shogun for Zach's birthday dinner!
Aunt Mary, Jennifer, Zach, & Andrew
Can't believe how close to the house these deer were!
Crystal Bridges - art museum
Admiring the Buckyball - LED lit ball based on geometry
(Crystal Bridges installation by Leo Villareal 
Sarah Jane relaxing in her new favorite spot
I successfully made pizza dough!  Jennifer helped :)
Homemade pizza! (check out that dough :) )

The plan was to leave on Thursday morning.  Wednesday night rolled around, and I just wasn't ready to leave!  My mom and I did a little sweet talking to SP, trying to convince him to come up for the weekend!  He just wasn't interested (rude!)...j/k!  He had finally slowed down from work and was looking forward to doing nothing, which I totally understood.  But...it still didn't help me in my situation of wanting to stay longer on the mountain.

That evening, while we were enjoying a glass of wine on the front porch & watching the boys attempt to catch fireflies in mason jars, I snuck inside with a brilliant idea!

I have airline points!  I texted SP to make sure he was ok with me being gone for 3 more nights, which of course he was fine with (isn't he the best?!)!

Soon everyone came in from outside and when my mom walked into the living room where I was sitting, I simply said, "Hey mom, what are we doing this weekend?"  She looked at me with a puzzled look, only to be very surprised by my purchase of a ticket!  I think we were both pretty happy with this decision.  And Sean of course said he knew the second we tried to talk him into coming up that my mom and I would conjure up a way for me to stay through the weekend, HA!  He thinks he knows us sooooo well ;)

Thursday morning we were stuck on the mountain!  The travelers weren't able to leave until noon because the roads were flooded so bad from the storm on Wednesday night.  My mom switched her hours that day and worked from 1-5 so she could see them off!

Up next...mine and my mom's weekend together :)

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Linda said...

It was an absolute joy to have my house full of relatives and best of all was that you chose to spend that extra few days on the mountain with me. Always fun for me to get together with you. :) XOXO, Mom