Friday was a busy day!

We worked all day and then we went to Flower Mound (FloMo) to have dinner with my cousins at Anamias. After dinner we drove across the street to Boyd, Carol, and Claire's house for some swimming and hot tubbing.  In all the times SP and I have joined the FloMo folks for dinner at Anamias on a Friday night, we allllllllwayyyyys forget to bring our swimsuits, knowing what the night will bring (POOL!)!  Thankfully I remembered and sure enough...we were in the pool by 7:30 (yes we do dinner early...otherwise we'd never get a table!).  It was such a beautiful evening and that hot tub felt amazing!  We were home by 10 :)

Saturday morning, Sean was busy showing.

I got up and went to yoga at 9:15.  I had my Norah Jones Pandora station on, which was pumping some particularly good tunes that morning :)  And check out that temperature!  So lovely (and shocking!).

After yoga, I received a text from Shemele to come hang out at the pool.  Sean was now heading to Dallas for his fantasy football draft for the rest of the day, so I came home, whipped up some yummy breakfast tacos, then headed to the pool for a few hours.  I headed back home around 2...laid on the couch for a few, then put my coverup back on and headed to FloMo (yes, again!).  It was my cousin, Zach's birthday celebration.  It was just a lot of family from his other side over.  We had lots of pool time and Pope Poison (Greg and Jennifer's drink concoction with lots of RUM!).  Aunt Mary brought brisket and we had potato salad and coleslaw.  SP ventured back to Flower Mound around 8ish.  We hung out a little longer, and were home by 11pm :)

Sunday was a busy day b/c it was Sean's 37th birthday!!!!!!

Yay for birthdays!  The morning started with Sean doing a little work in the office and me cleaning the shower, ha!  I know...exciting.  But it really was...he was writing some contracts (always a good thing...and our shower needed cleaning :) )!! Don't worry, we had some fun soon after!

We headed downtown Ft. Worth to one of our favorite spots, Taverna.  We heard they had a yummy brunch, but had never tried it.  I must say, it was just okay.  Nothing to write home about....but they have $1 mimosas and bellinis, so that was well worth it :)  I had polenta with sausage and 2 eggs over easy.  Sean had eggs benedict with lump crabmeat.  Again, it was just ok.

Just before brunch was over, I asked him what he wanted to do the rest of the day? He immediately said, "Let's go to the Omni."  Totally random.  Completely spontaneous.  Awesomely genius!!  We headed down the street, champagne buzzed and all!

Here we are, waiting on our IMAX movie, "Dolphins" to start :)  We really enjoyed the theater and doing something different on a Sunday afternoon.

After the movie we went to Target to get stuff for his birthday "cake".  I made him nutella pie strawberries (yes, the same one I made on the mountain a few weeks ago!).  Then we came home and he opened his presents from me ;)  I got him a roller suitcase, a pair of sunglasses, a hat, a wooden spoon, and a sweat towel for his yoga mat!  

Then, it was nap time...for the birthday boy anyway :)  I watched Project Runway and he snoozed on the floor.  

At 6 o'clock Jack and Sheryl came to pick us up and take us to dinner!  We went to the new Bonefish Grill in Southlake.  It was really delicious!  My favorite was the bang bang shrimp appetizer and my fresh peach martini!  

I know, pic overload of us!  Boo!
My in-laws, Jack & Sheryl
After dinner, we came back to our house for dessert!  I think even though SP wouldn't let me throw him a big party, he really enjoyed our relaxing day of randomness :)

I can't believe it's almost time for the weekend again!  WOW!

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