Bishop Arts Wine Walk

Last Thursday, SP and I drove to Dallas to celebrate Kristen's 31st birthday!

We met she and Jeff at Oddfellows in the Bishop Arts District.  It's a really fun, artsy, hipster type of area in Oak Cliff.  The food was seriously so good.  It was southern comfort food with a fancy twist :)

Fried Deviled Eggs
Ginny cocktail.  Gin and Apricot and Ginger flavors = yum!
Sean got fancy Buffalo Mac ' n' Cheese
Kristen and I both got Chicken and Waffles, only they were out of waffles (ugh!) so we ate
our chicken with a big ole pancake instead :)
Kristen loves Hostess Ding-Dongs.  They waitress told us they had these special ding dong cakes that night!
We had to get her one!  She devoured it!  WAY better than the original plastic tasting one!
Little did she know I had homemade Nutella cake balls waiting for her in the car!

After dinner, we ventured through the streets for Bishop Arts First Thursday Wine Walk. We paid $10 and got a souvenir wine glass.  All the shops stayed open until 9 and you could go in, get your glass filled (ok, we all know they didn't really FILL it up!) drink wine, and shop :)  Kristen cracked me up because she literally bought something in every store we went in.  The only thing I wanted was a $60 candle. Precisely why I bought nothing.

I didn't buy this, but it did make me LOL!  Maybe it was the wine, I don't know.  But it is just so funny to me!
Don't worry, I would never slap my friends :)

The boys did a real good job waiting outside for us as we went into each shop. They were tiny little stores and very crowded!

We really enjoyed spending time with Jeff and Kristen.  We all get along really well.  It's too bad we don't get together more often.  We were headed home by 9, which made it the perfect Thursday night activity :)

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