On a Pontoon, Lake Austin!

Sean and I had a fun weekend in Austin (2 weekends ago).  Shelby had planned to rent a pontoon boat with some of her old friends from college and she invited us to join.  We stayed at a Westin Friday night where I became obsessed with the robe in the room. Seriously, I think SP thought I was going to leave for the lake in it!

Mine should be arriving in a day or two :)  He insisted that I order one
when we got back home :)

Sean and I went to dinner Friday night at a place called Moonshine in downtown Austin.  It was really good, southern comfort type food.  We thought we were going to go out downtown afterwards but we were so full, all we could think about was going back to our hotel room and relaxing.  We were back by 8 and I was cozy in my robe by 8:05 :)  I brushed my teeth, took my makeup off, and we were done for the night.  Or so we thought!  Shelby called around 10 saying she had made it to Austin from Colorado and she and her friend (who put the Pontoon trip together) were eating at Gloria's at the Domain.  Little did Shelby know, we were staying at the Westin at the Domain!  Sean and I got redressed and went and met our friend for a night cap.  I am pretty sure I limited my makeup this trip out to just mascara.

Saturday morning, we slept in and Sean even got a chance to knock out an hours worth of work before checking out at noon.  I laid around all morning in my robe and chatted on the phone with my mom while SP worked downstairs.  Pretty soon, it was time to check-out and get ready for the lake!

SP and I made a grocery store run to HEB to load up on necessities for the boat! Lots of beer.  Lots of water.  And a few snacks :)

The plan was to meet everyone at Hula Hut on Lake Austin around 1 because the boat was picking us up there at 2.  We got there much earlier than everyone else and enjoyed our time together on the patio, watching all the UT fans roll in.

Bloody Mary's, Chips & Salsa, and SP's Zantac :)
Shelby, Me, SP, Danielle, Roger

Our friends finally got there around 1.  None of us had brought any of our lake stuff into the restaurant. We had coolers, bags, floats, etc.  We closed out our tab and ventured back into the mayhem of a parking lot to get our stuff.  We were greeted by a what we like to call a "Not So Magic Carpet Ride" driver.  Parking at the Hula Hut is pretty bad.  We had to park across the street, up a giant hill, and around a few turns.  So to be offered a ride?  SURE! ...and just like that, we all hopped on. First mistake: we all got on the same side of the trailer thingy with benches (see visual below)...

Across the street, up the hill, into the parking, around a turn and next thing we know, we are all scattered across the hot pavement, in total shock, and me, gushing blood.  The trailer tumped over due to all the weight on one side and the driver taking the turn way too fast.  All the cars around stopped and jumped out to make sure we were all ok.  Everyone was ok (thankfully), but mentally we were all very shaken up.  I was the most hurt, with a pretty cut up foot.  I slammed down on both my hips and then I guess slid on my left side b/c my left bum is scraped and the inner part of my right heel and arm have seen better days.  Here is my arm.  I'll spare you a picture of my nasty foot.

Sean and I got to our car and he blasted AC on me. I was so freaked out I thought I was going to faint because people kept saying how bad my foot was and how much I was bleeding.  Awesome.  I sat and he cleaned my foot with water.  The driver said he was going to come back for us (ok, proof we were still shaken...we got back on that damn thing!) and take me to get some medical attention.  They got my foot cleaned up and bandaged, but the next issue was the lake.  Who wants to get in lake water with an open wound?  NOT this girl!  The thought of staph was lurking in my hypochondriac brain : // So at first I told SP to go on without me and I'd go get a hotel and chill for the afternoon because there was no way I was going to sit on a hot boat for 5 hours without getting in the water!

After a little more consideration, I realized that was not going to be fun either. We were in Austin to hang out with friends and ride on a boat.  So with that, I limped over to the dock and hopped on the pontoon boat.  As we pulled out of the no wake zone, it dawned on me.  I can't drink!  If I drink, I'll have to pee!  And where would I pee if I can't get in the water.  Oh my gosh.  That 5 hours just turned into what felt like 10.  I was stuck!  Luckily, I think I was so shaken up from the accident, I didn't want to drink and also didn't have to go while on the boat.  Phew!  I did take a jello shot or two though :) The hours actually flew by, and most of the people on the boat were going in and out of the water, so thankfully I had people to talk to the whole time, and for the most part, shade.

The whole crew...Liz is hiding behind me
Shelby, Roger photobombing us, Liz, Me
Liz, Shelby, and SP floating in the water
Mike & Liz, Shelby
Me enjoying the end of the day, with the boat in motion.  The breeze felt so good after sitting still all afternoon!
Sun beginning to set over Lake Austin
It was beautiful!  And the houses along the lake...$$$ !!!!!

We docked at 7:30 after a nice cruise around the lake.  We all unloaded, and I made a mad dash for the toilet, ha!  Us girls waited on the curb while the guys went to pull the cars around.  While waiting...this happened...

That's right.  As if I needed more things to happen to me that day.  I shattered my iPhone!  I have dropped my phone so many times, but on this day, it shattered.  Go figure!

Shelby, SP and I stayed with Mike and Liz that night.  I was so happy when we got there.  I just felt like I was doomed and nothing bad could happen once we were settled in for the night!  I was finally able to relax and enjoy myself.  We had the best time at their house!  There is just something that comes with hanging out with Mike and Liz, and that's tequila.  Lots of tequila!  They were determined to get some tequila in me after the day I (all of us) had!  Round of shots, then out to the pool we went!

Can you tell who was in the shade all day?  And who is finally happy and enjoying herself?!  ME! :) :)

After lots of swimming, we got out and ate a late snack that Liz made.  I am still drooling over this.  Liz can cook some mexican food like no other!  We had these chicken salad tostadas with a yummy tomatilla salsa that Mike made.  I think I ate 3.  I seriously can't stop thinking about them, SO GOOD! While eating, we all got in a pretty heavy conversation.  Liz lost her dad a year ago, Sept. 18.  So we had a lot we could all relate and talk about.  So after a sap fest, we lightened it up with some karaoke! It was so much fun, and hilarious at that!  Liz passed out. Sean passed out.  Shelby, Mike and I?  Kept on going!  We were like energizer bunnies!  We were wired and having a blast!  I think the funniest part was that SP was asleep on the couch in the same room us and we were not quiet!  We would sing a few, then go jump in the pool for a while, then go back to singing!  With maybe some tequila in between.

I think Shelby forgot how to tie her sarong!  Haha!
Sean woke up around 3 and enjoyed the show! (yes, we were still singing!)

I think it was 5am by the time we decided it was really time to go to bed.  We were tired of swimming, practically hoarse from singing so loud, and shockingly tired. No really, we were :)

It was a great time down in Austin.  The best part for me was hanging out at the Washlesky's after being on the lake all day.  They have a great house, great food, and great tequila there :)  Thanks Shelby for the invite!  Always a good time when you're around!

INJURY UPDATE: By Tuesday I was not sore anymore.  But, I am still hobbling on my foot.  It is healing really well, but b/c of where it is on my heel, it makes it really hard to put pressure on it while walking.  Le sigh :(

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