Peyton Manning, You're My Hero!!

On Friday night, we got to hang out with another couple that we don't see very often.  Sad because they live less than 15 minutes down the road from us!  Sean's best friend from childhood, Ryan and his wife Marj.  Ryan was a groomsman in our wedding.  They have 3 kids so they were excited to have a night out.

Sean made us a "getting ready" drink :)

Sean and I went a little early to eat dinner.  We split a burger and then enjoyed people watching while we waited for the Ochs to arrive.

Marj and I had lots to talk about and catch up on!
The boys were not too smart, thinking a tequila shot was a good idea ;)

We had a good time visiting, then Marj and I eventually made our way to the dance floor :)

On Saturday we ended up in Flower Mound.  I went to see my cousin Jennifer and SP had a house to show up that way.  It was pretty late in the afternoon but we enjoyed some pool time!  The LSU game was at 6 so we just decided to stay up there and watch the game.  Greg and Andrew were out of town, so it was just us and the 2 younger dudes, Zach and Lucas.  Jennifer and I headed out around 5 to grab dinner for everyone while Sean snoozed on their couch and the boys played xbox.

We got the boys Taco Bell and we grabbed real good mexican food.  And a margarita while we waited :)

Even though my mom wasn't with us this weekend, she was still geared up and ready to GEAUX!

Always a Corona Light for LSU games!
Jennifer had this GREAT idea that every time LSU scored, we all had to jump in the pool!  We were all on board and thought it sounded like fun.  Within minutes of kickoff, TOUCHDOWN LSU!  We all ran outside, and she didn't have her suit on.  So she did a pretend jump in by jumping on the step.  I was not ok with her rule she made and not giving us 100%...so, I decided to push her in with her clothes on :) Let's just say it didn't take her long to go put her suit back on after that!

After 3 rounds of this fun game, we realized we should just stay in the pool.  We were playing UAB, so there was a lot of jumping going on.  We were out by halftime and watched the rest of the game inside.  We won, 56-17.  GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!!

Sunday was NFL allllllll day!  The Bears played at noon.  We went to Dublin Square with our usual Bears watching crew.

Me, Sean, and Jack!

After this game, we came home and napped through whatever the next game on TV was, whoops!  We had to rest because the Cowboys had the Sunday night game!  They won.  The Bears, the Saints, AND the Cowboys won!  YAY for all my teams!

Last but not least....

Thank you Peyton Manning for giving me such a high score this week!   I beat everyone in my fantasy league.  BIG TIME!  I hope next week is just as good!

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