Picture Dump

We've been busy around here getting ready for baby. It is almost not believable that I am already 35 weeks today! SP and I keep looking at each other like, "How did we get here so fast!?" We are so ready to meet our sweet baby. I really can't comprehend how much our lives are about to change, but we  are ready and couldn't be happier about this huge life change :)

Here are some pictures of what's been going on in the last few weeks around here...

On Easter we went to church with our friends Ryan and Marj, then spent the rest of our afternoon putting together a few important baby things :)

The next weekend, we got to keep Mr. Clyde Bolton, and attend our first crawfish boil of the season at Jenn and Ben's. The crawfish were really good, and big!!

These 2 could play fetch for HOURRRRRS. SP definitely needs a son!

Hmm, what else...SP has been busy outside in the yard getting it looking pretty and working on our garden...

...while I have been busy doing more research than my brain can absorb!

34 week bump - woah!

I finally got my first stash of NB cloth diapers ordered. I need more, but I grabbed what was in stock and will keep checking back to complete my stash.

Flats, Fitteds, & Diaper Covers
This puppy is such a good sport! He's been cloth diapered and swaddled more times than I care to share :)
You have to practice somewhere, right? :)

The thing I am most excited about that happened lately is an idea that popped into my head this past Sunday. I remembered I had some of my dad's old scout cards. These are cards that apparently were given with each badge he recieved. Last summer, when my dad was in Hospice, my brother's and I sat at the house late one night going through some of my dad's old things. Shawn found our dad's old scout box full of mementoes and things my dad had made. We all thought these cards were so interesting, seeing the things he excelled in! We laid each card out and took turns picking which ones meant the most to each of us. We ended up with 5 cards each. I remembered keeping these cards in the back pocket of my purse that I carried all last summer. I never took them out. I liked the little reminder each time I carried the purse again, when I would stick my hand down into that pocket. I would feel these cards and instantly think of him. 

SO back to last Sunday...I was just sitting in the nursery and spotted some other trinkets from his scout days that I have sitting in there. I suddenly remembered these cards and then realized how PERFECT the colors were and how well they would match in the baby's room. I ran and got them and placed them in this frame. They are the first thing that greets you when you enter the room. Considering these two boys will soon share a middle name, I thought it only fitting to honor his beloved Grampa in such a way. 

You can see in the picture below on the far left where it hangs. I also did a few more drawings to hang up in the nursery, hopefully before this weekend!

This weekend my mom and Louis are traveling back, yay! Not only is my shower on Saturday, but Sunday is Mother's Day! We plan on cooking up something special for our mommas! We have a busy weekend planned, hopefully we get everything done that we need to. Crazy to think that their next trip down will be when I'm in labor, AH! So exciting!

Oh, and lastly - we are getting new carpet. Next Wednesday!!!!!!!! 

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