Labor Day on the Mountain

For Labor Day we went to Arkansas. Naturally, Sid and I planned on staying for an extended amount of time. My mom drove us back the following weekend. We had a great time, but I will say, it was not the relaxing trip that it normally is. Sid woke up with a fever the morning we were leaving. Thankfully it was only 1 degree and he was over it before we actually left, but the cold part hit him hard. He was sick with a nasty cold for two weeks. Poor baby :( Coughing and serious congestion, which just breaks my heart hearing him sound like that. Daddy is the, ahem, nose sucker - so having him not around to do this wonderful task made it really hard. Not to mention all the stairs in my mom's house. Whew! It kept us all on our toes!!

Here's a little about our trip. We really got out and did some fun things with Sid, despite his cold!

We stopped at our usual we aren't in a hurry let's go sit down and eat spot along the highway, Wheeler's. This Little Debbie truck pulled in next to us and the truck driver walked over and handed us two boxes of donuts for Sid :) Sid was WAY MORE interested in the truck than he was the donuts. This worked out because Sean and I were WAY MORE interested in the donuts than we were the truck ;)

Sid didn't sleep in the car much at all. He took a quick 30 minute morning nap and then didn't sleep again until we were almost to Grammy's driveway. Ah, well. What can you do? Thankfully, he's still a road trip trooper and was heavily entertained with a few new books I brought along.

On Friday we went to the new childrens science museum, The Amazeum! This place was so cool! I wasn't sure how much there would be for Sid to do at his age, but he was busy busy and loved every minute of it!

This little girl did not want Sid in her way, but Sid didn't care! 
Picking apples
Climbing up to the slide!
Weeeeeeeeee! He reaaaaaally wanted to climb back up the slide.

I think his most favorite part was just being able to walk around freely. It was a great place to take him and I know this will become a staple in our visits from now on.

Saturday was the start of SEC football! More importantly, our TIGERS! We had big plans that evening for the game. We invited the Robinson's, Katie & Nithin (and baby Sydnee), and Becky over to watch the game with us. We started our pre-party though before 11am ;)

We were trying to cover up the fact that none of us were actually in our game gear yet!

Everyone came over that evening. The game started, and then it was delayed, and then it was canceled. Weather in the area? Huh? Don't these people know that the chance of rain in Death Valley is...NEVEEEEEEER?! Hum, guess they didn't get the memo! Anyway - LSU didn't get to play. Our first game was canceled. We had a football party with no football. Here's to the start of our season (womp womp). (Update to today and we are currently 5-0. But I'm still scared to death and that was definitely NOT a jinx by saying it. Just stating the facts people (mother!).

On Sunday, we drove about an hour out of town for the Wildlife Animal Drive Through Safari in Gentry, AR. They have animals you can pet and feed, and then you can get in your car and drive through the safari. It was so cool!!!

I know. I KNOW! I turned around and he daddy were petting a snake. I KNOOOOW! 

These emus would practically peck at our window. He thought they were so funny! When they'd walk away, Sid would quickly say "Bye bye!"

This boy loves being free to run around! Daddy entertained him while mommy spent 2 hours picking out the perfect tshirt for him (ok not really, but I did probably consider the options for far too long).

So much running around! I had to cool him off in the front seat before we buckled him in for the trek back to Grammy's.

My sweaty, rosy cheek boy!

No trip to Grammy's would be complete without a fun tractor ride on the Kubota...in your diaper ;)

His happy place.

It was such a beautiful day!

One day (I can't remember which) we took a stroll around Crystal Bridges. It ended up being a little humid and not as pleasant feeling as we had hoped. We didn't stay long.

He wasn't too sure what to think about the tall thick grass.

Once daddy went home, the rest of the week was spent indoors mostly. Little bug was not feeling great so we stuck pretty close to home.

He loves Louis' bed!
He also loves licks from Lou
He was trying to give Louis hugs. So sweet!
Stairs. Le sigh (oh and here he is wearing that perfect tshirt :)
Lap time with a sick boy and a cute furry puppy

Like I said in the beginning, this trip wore me out. Completely. He was sick, clingy, needy, fussy, fun, loving, snotty, silly. His cold really took it out of all of us. We always have so much fun there, and we can't wait to get back! But this trip, we were happy to be home :) Thank you, Grammy, for such a fun time, as always. Oh, and thanks for the ride back home. We have a pile of things on your nightstand waiting for you & Louis when you come back to pick us up ;)

We finally got to watch the Tigers play! Louis clearly was Scared to Death!!!

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