Feels Like Home to Me

I can't help but be reminded of the song from Dawson's Creek, Feels Like Home.  I had that soundtrack when I was in middle school and listened to it over and over.

I drove to NWArkansas to stay a week at my parent's house.  I left TX around 10 yesterday morning and was driving up their long, steep driveway by 3:45 :)  The drive was great, but became particularly beautiful once I hit 540 heading north.  The crystal blue sky created the most beautiful backdrop for the fiery colors of fall.  The trees are amazing.  The most brilliant pops of orange, yellow, red, and brown amongst the evergreens.  You can't help but feel the presence of God around you.  I believe He is perched up on this mountain, above the home known as the Escarpment, doing what He can to continue to heal my father and provide strength for my mother.  We are doing everything we know how to stay positive, and believe that God is in control.  These next few weeks are crucial.  We need so many good days of my dad feeling good.  The more he feels good, the more the surgeon believes the tumor is responding to his treatment.  So, we will pray, wish, hope, and pray some more that the healing continues.

My mom had to head back to work this week after being off for a good 8 weeks.  It wasn't easy for her, as she has been by my dad's side through all of this.  She is his #1!  I am here doing what I can to be his #2 :)  This morning, I got this text from her...

She is still great as his #1, even from 5 miles away :)  I know she likes me here, and I don't mind it myself.  It  feels like home.

John 15:7 If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you."

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Linda said...

It makes me happy that you feel this way. I love it when you are here. Makes me happy that Sean seems to like it here, too. We always have fun with you guys. :)