Home Sweet Apartment!

That's right folks...we were released from the hospital today!  Yayyyy!!!  I'm pretty sure they would have kicked us out come tomorrow afternoon anyway, after having to listen to us yell at the TV during the LSU game :)

It was another long day.  Getting out of the hospital is like trying to escape prison.  It is not easy and it takes foreverrrrrrrrrrr!

The breakdown went like this....

I showed up in the room around 9.
At 9:40 they took him down for radiation.
Directly from radiation, we took him to Dr. Wolff's office.  I actually got to drive his wheelchair.  I think he was a bit scared :)
We were all a little uneasy knowing we would find out the results from his CT scan he had the day before.  We knew Wolff would give it to us straight, we were just hoping it was what we wanted to hear.
The news WAS what we wanted to hear, sort of.  Basically, Wolff believes it is all due to the radiation. He has quite a bit of swelling in his lower intestines and colon.  There is really not much else they can do for him other than take pain meds to help. They do not want to delay his radiation, but they are letting him skip a week of chemo.  He is real glad about that.  So after a lot of good advice from Wolff, we headed back up to the room to pack up!

We didn't get out of the hospital until 4!  We knew we were going home by 11, good grief!  Anyway, regardless.  We are back.  Out of that darn hospital!

The first thing my dad did was take a HOT shower (his room had luke warm water!).  If there is one thing my dad loves, it is a hooooot shower!  Now he's curled up on his bed taking a nice nap.  We are all glad to have this week behind us.

It will still be a tough road getting him through these next rounds of radiation, but he's tough!  He will be ok!

Thanks for all the prayers!  Keep them coming.  The road isn't over yet.

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