Our Weekend

The weekend flew by, as usual :(

Friday was Tiffany's birthday, so a group of us went to Bronson Rock to celebrate!  Bronson Rock is a new burger/bar with an awesome patio that opened up in Keller.  It was a lot of fun, but it definitely got colder than any of us had planned on!  We got the security guy to bring us a heater over to stand under :)

Shemele, Me, Tiffany, Anne
Saturday was a really fun day.  LSU kicked off at 11 (worst kickoff time ever!) against A&M.  SP and I went up to Flower Mound to watch with my cousins.  They have a tv outside, so we all sat around, drank a few beers, and watched the TIGERS WIN!!!!

Even though we were not all in the same city to watch together, our Tiger Team was tuning in from all over!  We had Shawn and Ian in DC....

Yasha says "GEAUX!!!!"
We had my dad, mom, brother Adam, Uncle Jim & Suzanne, Aunt Vida, and even a Racerback back, Mrs. Corkran cheering on the team in Shreveport....

Best overalls ever!
SP & I about to head to my cousins

Watching at my cousin, Boyd's

Boyd cooked burgers and I took a pan of brownies.  We were all so full.  After the game, Jennifer and I made the boys wait around on us while we helped Claire (my 2nd cousin) get ready for Homecoming!  We picked out her nail polish, Jennifer did her hair, and I did her makeup :)  She looked so pretty and I hear had a lot of fun!!

SP and I didn't get home until 5ish.  We were exhausted.  We ended the night with PJs and chinese takeout.  In bed by 10:30 :)

Sunday was another early football day.  Our friend Shelby was in town from CO and wanted to get together and watch the Cowboys (& Saints) play at noon.  She met us at Red Dog Right in Southlake.  We spent the entire day on their patio catching up!  It was sooooooo windy, but we didin't really care.  The temp was perfect!  The Cowboys & the Saints won!!!!

Knew our bar tenders pretty well by the end of the day!
We didn't leave until around 6, when SP's parents wanted us to come over and go to dinner. They have been in Japan for 2 weeks and other than me picking them up from the airport on Friday AM, we hadn't had a chance to hear about their trip.  They brought me back a kimono!

We enjoyed hearing all about their trip and seeing what all they brought back.  

It was a great weekend, but today will probably require multiple coffee breaks :)

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Linda said...

You are going to be so glad years from now, that you blogged these great memories. It warms my heart to read and have you share this glimpse into your life. It makes me happy to see that you have so much joy and that you also have such an appreciation for your blessings. I love you, daughter!