YAY for Ringing the Bell!

This morning, I woke up sort of late.  The first thing I do every morning when I wake up is grab my cell phone and go through my emails.  This morning I had lots of texts from my family.  I knew something was up (hoping for good news of course)!  It was the most perfect way to wake up, actually....see for yourself!....

My dad is awesome!  I am just so proud of him for toughing out this radiation and getting done with it.    Radiation hasn't treated him very kindly, and it's really hard seeing someone you love and care about so much go through all this pain.  My dad is no wimp, and when he asks to be checked into the hospital, you know he's hurting.

Ring that bell, dad.  You SO deserve it!!!

Now we must hope, pray, and send good vibes to the Lord above that these radiation and chemo treatments have done the work they need to do in order to make this tumor operable.  It will be a long 6 weeks waiting to know if we are a go for surgery.  We are giving it to you now, Lord.  Please work your magic, as I've felt and witnessed you do before.  Together, we can BEAT THIS CANCER!

Love you, dad.

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