Full of Football!

This past weekend was full of football!  It's like...all we did!  And I like it that way :)

Friday night, we went with our friend Tennille to watch her husband coach Haltom High School's football team.  SP and I hadn't been to a high school football game since we were in high school, I'm pretty sure!  The weather was perfect which made for a great night in the bleachers, reminiscing of how things have changed so much from when we were teenagers going to our own high school games.

Spaghetti straps in Oct.  Gotta love the south!  
We left in the middle of the 3rd quarter b/c we were starving!  It was getting late and were worried if we didn't go soon all that would be left to eat was fast food. We stumbled upon this little place called Funky Baja's.  The windows were all tinted so we really couldn't see inside, but the parking lot was packed at 10pm...this was a good sign!  We walked in and this place was so lively and fun! And, they were still serving food!  BONUS!  We ordered a pair of drinks and some $3 tacos.  It was delicious and we will be going back!

Saturday was a big day for football!  It was TX/OU weekend around here (no, I don't care about this game!).  But regardless, it's always a good time b/c everyone is out in force!  My alma mater was kicking off at 8 against A&M (#22 and new to the SEC this year).  This is huge!  I went to a little school known as Louisiana Tech University, in Ruston, LA.  LA Tech is in the WAC (Western Athletic Conference) and normally, unless you went to school there, you don't get too excited for Tech.  But this year!  They are doing AMAZING!   Our Dawgs are ranked #23 in the nation! WHAT! GO DAWGS!  My good friend Alison (aka college friend/roommate/sorority sister/maid of honor) lives in Dallas and invited us all out to watch the game!

SP and I left Fort Worth early and went to our other buddy's house, Paul.  We did a little pre-partying at his house before heading to Uptown for the game.

Paul's bachelor pad!
We had a good turnout at the bar to watch LA Tech, and, of course, my Tigers, who kicked off against my other alma mater, South Carolina at 7!  We tiger fans were soooooo scared of this game!  Them Gamecocks are one heck of a team this year, and well, I can't exactly say that about the Tigers.  But the good news is LSU won!!!! GEAUX TIGERS!!

Here are some fun pictures from the evening...

John Bolton was able to come out, YAY!  Even though we missed his wife, Tiff :(
Bolton, Me, Alison - College friends!
I was ummm...acting like a tiger?? 
Just having fun :)
Kristen came, too!  Last minute.  
Match made in heaven, Kristen and Jeff!
Paul, Baller Sean, and JB!
Alison w/ her friend Justin 
SP, Me, Rachel, Paul, Alison, Justin - At the Gingerman
We ended the night with a disappointing loss for LA Tech, but they played so well and we are all so proud of them!  I think they will continue to go far!!

They finally kicked us out of the Gingerman by 2am and of course, that's when it started literally pouring outside!  SP, being the good man that he is, took off in a full sprint to get the car for all of us to pile in!  Annnnd, just as soon as he got back, yep, the rain stopped :)  O'well.

SP and I stayed with Paul because there was no way we were making that hour drive back to Fort Worth at 2am on a Saturday night.  On the way home, we made a little detour :)

Can't you  just smell it!
So, yea.  We got to smell it too.  BUT, we didn't get to even eat it b/c we sat there for 15 minutes and STILL not even a hello from any worker there! So we left. We finally made it to bed by 4am.  I'm not sure what we were thinking b/c yes, we know.  We are not in our 20's anymore.  Staying up till 4 has major effects on you for days to come :(  Sunday, I didn't get off the couch :)

Last but no least...I got this in my inbox Sunday evening of my little buddy.  Isn't he such a lady killer!  Such a stinkin' cutie!

Ian in the pumpkin patch :)

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