Where Did July Go?!

It is hard to believe that there is only ONE day left after today in July!  Wow - time seriously has been flying.

Since I'm behind on blogging, I will just bombard you with pictures (as if I don't do that already :// ), in order to catch you up!


  • We went to The Bolton's pool!  Tiffany is pregnant with their second and is due in a month, so she hasn't been up for much company this summer, so we were excited when they invited us over for a low key Saturday afternoon by the pool :) 

Tiffany, Baby Sloane, Me, Anne
I'm the only one looking at the camera!

  • Sean and I went to Anemia's for brunch!  My cousins have been telling us how yummy their Sunday brunch is.  We were happy to finally give it a try. It did not disappoint!

We had mojitos, yum!

  • On July 18 this adorable little bundle was welcomed into the world by Kevin & Kristi (Sean's brother).  His name is Caylum Sidney Parks, and he is so darn cute!

I love his little squishy face in this picture
Wide awake! 
Asher being sweet to his new little brother :)

  • Looking at this picture makes me want to make this again!  I found a recipe for creamy orzo with veggies and chicken sausage.  We eliminated the sausage to make it vegetarian, and y'all.  This dish was just perfect. It was flavorful and creamy.  We even used brown rice orzo to make it a bit more healthy.  SO GOOD!  Good thing I bought an extra bag of orzo. I think I might need another batch of this in the fridge this week!

    • Another new recipe for us was grilling some fruit!  We have been wanting to do this for soooo long, and always forget, or by the time we are done cooking and eat, we don't feel like going and turning the grill back on!  We had my in-laws for dinner and after shrimp fajitas, we grilled up these yummy plums!

    • Look at these crazy mushrooms that popped up in our mexican heather!  

    • We celebrated Alison's 31st birthday this past weekend at The Foundy/Chicken Scratch in Dallas.  Very cool place SP and I had read about in Southern Living this past spring.  It was fun to finally go and experience it in person!

    My old co-worker Nicole and her boyfriend Mike came to see us!

    • We kept Clyde (Bolton's dog) this past weekend.  He is such a good dog. We love him, and he loves Sean!

    • I decided to clean out my closet - dress portion only!  It felt so good :)

    • Oh, & after cleaning out my dresses....I sort of kind of went to Anthropologie and bought 2 more dresses, whoops :)

    • Lastly, we tried a new restaurant in Keller this past Sunday for breakfast.  It was really yummy, but even better, this place actually has CHARACTER.  Yes, in Keller.  Believe it people!

    Have a wonderful Tuesday!  We will just be around trying to do as little as possible this week.  SP has some issues with his esophagus.  Not sure exactly what is wrong, but he hasn't been feeling well. Last night after he went to the doctor, I made him this yummy blended vegetable soup to enjoy :)

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