Yasha + Aunt Catherine + Grammy + Grampa = F.U.N!

Getting back to where I left off...

After Memorial Day, Shawn and Anastasia escaped reality to Mexico for a quick little getaway.  They asked Grammy if she would like to keep Ian (Yasha) at home for a few days while they went on their trip.  She obviously agreed, but not before checking with me first to see if I could stay and help her!  I quickly agreed as well, obviously :)

We had the best time with our buddy!  He is 2.5 going on 5!  He is so smart and so funny and so much fun!  Grammy had plenty of activities planned for him while Mommy and Papa were away.  Get ready for picture overload!

The buddy has terrible allergies, so most of the activities we did were inside...but we kept him so busy he didn't seem to mind!

- - We took him to somewhere he has never been... WAL-MART!  That's right people, this is one urban, hipster, city boy!  Grammy let him pick out a new toy (or two!).

Eating his bunnies in the car with itchy red eyes :(

- - We took him to Build-A-Bear!  He was just a little young for it.  When we got there, he wasn't interested and was a little frightened by all the bears on the wall!  Once he got down from my arms, he instantly ran to this pug puppy that had on roller-skates!  He started playing with this dog and rolling him all around. So, you better believe that's exactly what he built!

Stuffing his puppy

Picking out the red skates!

This is where he named his puppy "Orange", ha!

Come on, Orange...Let's go back to Grammy's!

- - We played with play-doh.  Grammy found a recipe to make your own...but that didn't work out too well, so we went with the original instead!  He sure had fun trying to make it though.  It was beautifully messy and gooey!

They built lots of tractors!  One for each of us!

- -  He looooved to watch Rolie Polie Olie, and sometimes he even liked to watch it while sitting in his dump truck :)   

- - I think his favorite activity of all was playing with his trucks.  This boy LOVES his trucks.  It is so fun watching him play with them because he is so careful about how drives them.  If he runs over one, he picks it back up and says, "excuse me truck."...SO cute!

- - He painted with me.  It didn't last very long, and he mostly just wanted to watch me do it, but he got a few pictures completed :)  But once Grammy walked back through the door, he was ready for more play-doh!

- - He watched TV with me and Grampa!

- - Yasha was pretty good at sitting in the buggy at the grocery store, but one day we were taking longer than his patience allowed and he figured out that he loved riding on the back of the buggy while Grammy pushed it down the aisles!

He would say, "It goes so fast!"

- -  We took him for ice cream!  Well, it was really frozen yogurt, but he loooves the idea of ice cream right now (for example : when he plays with his trucks, he says he is driving them to China to (Yasha talk) make-a da ice cream!)  So we pretended like our orange sherbet yogurt was really ice cream...Shhhh, don't tell! And Mickey went with us everywhere!  This was one of the toys Grammy bought him at Wal-Mart :) 

- - He wasn't interested in taking a nice picture with Grammy and Grampa on the day Grampa was all dressed up for his sales meeting, but he was interested in playing on his lap for a while :)

- - Grammy has always taken a picture with the buddy on her lap in this same rocker every trip he takes to the mountain.  He is getting so big! 

- -  One day (4 days after his his parents left), he was sitting watching tv....

He heard a voice he recognized, but was so tuned in to the TV, he didn't respond much at all.  Finally, those faces got close enough for him to pay attention, and then this happened!...

Mommy and Papa are BACK!  YAYYY!!!!

We had the best time with our favorite little buddy.  He was so good and only started getting fussy towards the end when he was really missing Shawn and Nastya. He did such a great job though, and we will gladly do it again, anytime :)

The next day we all stayed one more day on the mountain....

Helping pick up sticks
Played soccer with Aunt Catherine + Papa

He kept wanting to use his hands.  Shawn would say, "No hands buddy.", and his reply was always, "YES hands!"...with more intensity each time, haha!

Gave a big smile when he was told he got to fly home tomorrow

Perfect ending to a wonderful trip.  Gin and Tonic with bruschetta on the side ;)
Anastasia, Yasha, Grammy, Me, Grampa (who we miss so much) not pictured, Shawn

We love you buddy!  Let's do it again soon :)

Last but not least, we made him a picture book of his trip to Grammy and Grampa's!

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