Baby Shower & Mother's Day!

On Friday, my mom and Louis drove in from the mountain with dinner in tow :) She made us chicken and dumplings again because I have been seriously craving them ever since she made them for me when I was up there visiting her a month ago! She brought one bag to eat on over the weekend, and one for us to freeze and thaw for when baby arrives!!! Isn't she the best momma ever, like ever EVER? We had Chateau Parks ready for her when she arrived, complete with dog toys, fresh flowers (thanks to Adam who sent them here for Mother's Day), and a can of sardines : /

Equally happy to see each other :)

On Saturday morning, Sheryl met us at our house so she could ride up to my cousin's in Flower Mound with us for my shower that day at 11. We left Sean and Louis at home playing in the yard.

My cousin's Jennifer and Carol were so sweet to host a baby shower for me on Mother's Day weekend. We had a great turnout and I received some awesome gifts to help complete my registry!

Becky, Aunt Mary, Carol, Claire, Me & Baby, Mom, Jennifer
Jennifer made the banner on the mantle and said she thought I'd like it b/c it was "home-madey", haha!
They got so creative! Look at that watermelon (excuse the black lines on the melon baby, apparently Greg thought it'd be funny to stick a mustache on it, but Jennifer took it off - hence the leftover black lines :)

Carol made 2 delicious quiches, and Jennifer made a super yummy potato hash brown casserole! They also had fresh fruit and mini bundt cakes! I could've eaten that whole 3-tier stand of bundtinis myself :)

Alison and I first in line for food - shocking, I know!
Alison and Lauren (sisters) showed up in practically the exact same outfit - how funny!
Lori, Melanie & I / Kristen & I / Tiffany & I
My mom wore her mother's charm bracelet. This is her showing it to my Aunt Mary and Claire. It was fun for them to look at all the charms of the older grandkids (myself not included). 
Baby and I with our two favorite moms - Grammy and Nana, as he likes to call them ;)

The shower was so much fun and I think I hung in there pretty well, considering I was at the end of my 35th week of pregnancy! Standing really gets old these days, and I hear it's only going to get worse, yay!

While we were at the shower, Sean and his dad went to lunch, so SP put Louis in our bathroom. Sean got home before us, and while heading home, I got this text from him. It read, "Ummmm...." - here was the picture included...

That's right, Louis escaped from jail! I guess he jumped up on the door and it popped open! Much to his surprise, I'm sure :) Thankfully he's a good pup and he didn't hurt a thing in our house while we were all away. It gave us all a good laugh, that's for sure.

After the shower, we just relaxed at home. My cousin's were having a crawfish boil back in Flower Mound at 5, but I was feeling too tired to go. Sean went as representation :) My mom and I were happy to just chill at the house and eat more chicken and dumplings for dinner. We were having Jack and Sheryl over for a Mother's Day breakfast on Sunday, so we had some things to do to prepare for that. My mom was so sweet and went to the grocery store so I could stay home and rest. While she was away, I sat down and read my dad's baby book that she had brought with her for me to see.

I have been so determined I was not going to do a baby book. I just felt like it would be something that would sit around and never get filled out. Well, after thoroughly enjoying looking at my dad's, I decided SLP was going to need a baby book of his own. Even if he doesn't ever look at it, his children someday will think it's fun to go back and read about their dad when he was baby, just like I found it to do with my dad. 

When my mom got back from the store, I told her my new intentions, and I think she about fell over! She apparently made a run to Hallmark on her grocery store run and saw a baby book she wanted to get for me, but made herself put it back down knowing I was not going to use one. She INSISTED we go back the next day so she could show it to me. So that's just what we did. After Sunday's breakfast, off we went to Hallmark. I liked it, and now this special book belongs to my baby in my belly :)

On Sunday, we had a delicious spread. French toast casserole, almost-but-not-quite burnt bacon (my favorite!), scrambled eggs, and coffee cake that Sheryl bought at Central Market. It was all so good! After enjoying said food, we opened gifts. I was quite surprised when I was given 2 gifts for already being a mother :) So thoughtful of my mom and Sheryl. I was definitely not expecting that. My mom gave me a cute framed saying, "Being a Mom is the hardest job you'll ever LOVE!", and Sheryl gave me a box of diapers & wipes.

The rest of the day on Sunday looked like this...

My mom had one last sewing project for the nursery, but other than that, we just chilled for the afternoon. Later that evening, SP did some BBQ chicken on the smoker. He nailed it! We were all licking our fingers at the end of the meal! We had mashed potatoes and vinegar cucumber and onions with it. Yum yum!

It was a beautiful weekend. We really got to relax. Sometimes we just have to go, go, go the entire weekend! I feel like we got some good visiting in, things accomplished, and some chillin' time too :) 

I am so glad my mom was able to spend this Mother's Day with one of her own. It was special having her here to celebrate my first, unofficial, offical Mother's Day with as well :)

35 weeks in counting!

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Blue-Eyed Bride said...

Aww yay! Such a sweet time and a beautiful shower! And you know I'm so glad you're doing a baby book. It is so fun to go back and read and so special that you have your dad's to look at now. Xoxo