It's New! It's Fresh! It's SO CLEAN!!!!

I think since the day Sean and I moved in (3 years ago) we have talked about getting new carpet for our house. We would go on and on about it, but then would talk ourselves out of spending the money and just purchasing another rug to go on top to cover up old stains from the previous owner. YUCK! Well, my good friend is a carpet sales rep so we finally called her for some new carpet. For the majority of last week, my house looked like this...

Total chaos to be exact! I have to give props to SP for tackling most of this. I moved a few small things here and there, but for the most part, he did it all! I am just not up to all the heavy lifting these days, being 35 weeks pregnant at the time...

So as hard as it was seeing our house, which I've been working so hard on to get ready for baby while nesting like a crazy person (sort of!), it was well worth the chaos for a few days!!

Out with the old!
In with the new pad!
Loved seeing the old GONE!

Here's the new carpet! We still don't have the house fully back together, but we are working on it. I am finding myself wanting to clean out more now that everything got removed from the tops of all the furniture & floors of closets. Now that I've had so much "white space" (that was for you Blue Eyed Bride) for so many days, it's been difficult for me to put every accessory, every candle, every picture, back into place! Now I feel like it's too much! AH! 

Work in progress! But isn't the new carpet pretty :)

I am also having a hard time wanting to cover up this carpet with my rugs. But, I like my rugs, so I will get there...maybe in a few days :)

We are so happy to have a fresh start before Baby arrives. It is a good feeling to know when he does tummy time, if he rolls off of his clean blanket or play mat, I will be ok with his face going down on this carpet instead of our old stained, matted down carpet. It's a good, clean, feeling :)

Lastly, I read once that Martha Stewart suggests in order to keep a room clean and tidy (the Martha way - don't gag, mom!), do the following:

Before leaving a space, look around and clean it up. Don't leave things just because you are finished with them to put away later. 

Ok, so I realize with our lives about to transition into total chaos baby mode, this is probably easier said than done for us right now, but isn't it a nice thought? I sure wish I could be just like Martha (gasp!)!

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