The Nursery

Welcome to our nursery! We've spent a lot of time in this room making it special for our sweet son who could arrive any day now, woo hoo! It is definitely my favorite room in the house. I enjoy just sitting in the chair and playing music for baby, or reading him a book, or talking to his Grammy on the phone :) We do a lot of that!

Let's get to it. First let me say for some reason the colors are not turning out that great in these photos. The color of the walls and that orange pouf especially! The wall color is a fresh mint green and the ottoman isn't nearly as red as it looks in the pictures. 

The hot air balloon picture was the initial inspiration for the room. We found it after endless nights of staying up too late in the bed with the iPad looking through hundreds of pictures on Etsy. Sean was the one who actually picked this out, and the second I saw it, I knew we had to have it! We didn't want a nursery that screamed baby baby. We wanted something that would grow with him as he matures into a little boy. The orange, grey, and mint green were our color inspirations. From there, other things just started happening. We have no real theme, which is fine by us!

This is the blanket my mom specially made for baby SLP. The other side is grey and white soft minky fabric. I love it so much! It's so cute, and I love the added pops of color it adds in the room. And yes, I know, the stuffed animal (gifted by Lauren Hilton) and blanket will have to move when baby comes for safety reasons.

My mom and I got creative one weekend and made this cute mobile out of the extra blanket fabric. I decided once I realized the amount of time the baby can actually have this hanging over his crib, I didn't want to spend $100+ on one from Pottery Barn. So we got our creative minds to work and put this simple one together. It matches perfectly with the pops of orange, and the best part? When the oscillating fan or AC come on, it moves!! 

The dresser (really an antique buffet) that my mom and I found at a local Keller antique store was the first thing purchased for the room. I knew I didn't want a traditional matching dresser for the room, and when I saw this, I knew it was exactly what I wanted! I love how it has the little mirror below the shelf for the baby to look at himself in! We replaced the ceiling fan with this light fixture that SP was able to put on a dimmer, which is awesome! It will come in very handy for late night feedings, and diaper changes. The pictures above the changing table were made by me :) I busted out my dad's Prismacolor pencils and got to work drawing these for baby boy :) The balloons were found at Hobby Lobby after needing a replacement for the insanely expensive vintage hot air balloon mobiles I found online! I found these in the party section and couldn't believe how well they matched the room! I also added the Van Gogh print "Van Gogh's Bedroom Arles 1889". I have actually had the opportunity to visit this exact bedroom when I studied art in Paris back in college. I bought this print back then, and really liked how it looked in the nursery, not to mention it adds some culture for him :) 

Detail of the artwork

Next to the dresser is a basket filled with cloth diaper supplies and lotions, etc. My mom made this basket liner to match. Again, love the pop of color it adds :)

Next, we have the contents of the dresser. The top two drawers contain bibs, swaddles, socks, grooming essentials, and little hats :)

The second drawer down has extra wipes and burp cloths. Then the cabinet has my prefolds, flats, and a few disposable diapers. The other basket on the right holds his newborn and 0-3 month clothes, and the bottom drawer has the next size of clothing and some extra space, yay!

We found this bookshelf at IKEA! It's just the right size for baby boy. I love that he will be able to reach his own books and things later on. 

I made the ABC poster on the computer. The wooden stump is leftover from our wedding. I like the natural element it brings into the room.

This boy has s lot of books! This isn't even half of them!

I think that's about it! Now that the nursery is complete, we are just waiting for his arrival. It's hard to grasp the fact that one day soon our precious baby boy will be laying in our arms, in this special room, we made just for him!

So now...we wait....

38 week bump!
(excuse the fuzz...that is from the cloth diaper inserts that I just finished putting away!)

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