Thoughts & Memorial Day (with special memories)


I sure thought I was going to have a May baby! But, if I don't go into labor by tomorrow, that isn't going to happen. Which is ok, too. Whenever the little guy is ready (although I'm good with sooner than later at this point :) )

It's been a weird week, and things just keep getting weirder! I have a feeling things are going to feel weird for a while. It's just such a strange feeling knowing we are about to go from just the two of us, to three. We are both beyond excited, but it's the little things that we take for granted that keep popping into my head making me feel weird! (strange word of choice? - but it just fits!). Sean and I do pretty much everything together. Well, we did up until the last week or so when I have been glued to the house for the most part. I'm either completely exhausted, too heavy feeling to want to go walk around too much, or just still trying to nest at home! This is one of the big reasons I'm ready for him to get here. I'm ready to start our new routine and life as a family of 3! Really, we can't wait!! I keep dreaming of the day we show up at the pool with our little baby in tow, sun hat and all...I mean, the cuteness. I can't even.

On to some random things...

~ This is how baby hung out most of last Saturday. That's his bottom, haha! It just cracks me up when I look down and see it poking out so much. 

37 weeks 5 days

~ This past Monday was Memorial Day. We spent it at Boyd and Carol's. The boys swam, but the pool was too cold for me and the hot tub was too hot! We had a fish fry that totally hit the spot! We had homemade corn fritters, fried catfish, fries, and hushpuppies. And cole slaw! I made 2 dips for an appetizer and Aunt Mary made a really good apple spice cake. We spent the majority of the afternoon up there, and it was really nice and relaxing, as you can see from SP...

Boyd frying the fish
The first batch!

I was going through some old pictures the other day and found some from Memorial Day from 2012 & 2013. These pictures feel like yesterday. Gosh time flies, doesn't it?

2012 - this was just shortly after my dad was diagnosed. We all gathered on the mountain to be together, and it was a beautiful time together :)
(I tried to go back and link up to my Memorial Day weekend post from 2012, but apparently I didn't blog it. Let this be a reminder for me to remember to blog. I'm sad I didn't do it!)

We were watching Yasha swim in his baby pool
This was the weekend that my dad helped me work on an art project I wanted to create in his barn.

Memorial Day weekend 2013, again, on the mountain all together :)

SCT and SP manned the grill that weekend!

 ~ This is the vegetable that is about to be my entire backyard. Did I mention he planted TWO of them?

Zucchini. The leaves, I can't even describe how big they are getting!
The snap peas that the caterpillars LOVE :(

~ While he enjoys his Hard Apple Cider, I enjoy my Red Raspberry leaf tea (cough cough).

~ I washed these yesterday. It was quite strange opening my dishwasher this morning and forgetting they were in there and seeing baby bottle parts! Now, where to store them...time to make kitchen space for baby!

~ I finally got SP to get my suitcase down from the top of the closet this morning. My energy today I hope is going to be focused on getting things packed up so when D Day comes, we will be ready to go and will have one less thing to worry about!

~ I am doing Moms on Call and need to finish the web seminar. Maybe I should do that instead of pack my bag, hmm. Ok, fine, I'll do both!

~ We are going to dinner tonight in Plano with Ryan and Mel. I sure hope baby doesn't want to come tonight before we get home, yikes!!

Happy happy Friday! 

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